One of my least favorite questions to ask artists is, “How did your band get its name?” So I didn’t ask local musician Austin Ryan how the name No Lungs came about, but if I had to guess, it probably has something to do with Austin’s Earth-shattering vocal delivery…Read More →

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War Twins “American Kids” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Sundressed “So Poetic” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  The Limit Club “Painless” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Sheer Calm “Mantle Piercer” Facebook– Instagram NEEDS “Everybody Makes Me Steaks” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Grenadeers “Bending Bricks” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram TheRead More →

Feisty Releases 500

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Okay, so maybe we have been pretty swamped with singles and haven’t been spending as much time with albums lately. And that sucks. So consider this a shared announcement from your editors: we’re sorry and we’re back on our game. Starting right now with these superRead More →

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The Dead Zones “Hello Animal” SLOWKISS “Forever Together” Zini “Faison” Exit “Familiar Ground” Noonday Devils “Champion” The Howlin’ Souls “Black Heart” Tangieguar “15 Starter”Read More →

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by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor I almost feel bad writing about Sundressed and their newest release, The Same Condition, mainly because it’s because it’s like writing about my favorite Unicorn Snuggie. I mean, I love that thing and I couldn’t possibly say something bad about it. Backstory: I’ve been onRead More →

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Destruction Unit “Slow Death Sounds” Destruction Unit is apparently a pretty popular act not just in the dusty reaches of our desert, but well beyond too. The single “Slow Death Sounds” recently became available online from the band’s 2013 recording Deep Trip. Aggressive and invasive, Destruction Unit does not make post-punkRead More →