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Don’t miss these 7 Stellar New Music Videos featuring Taleen Kali, Emby Alexander, Kadija Kamara, The Heartlights, The Rebel Set, SadGirl, + Jan Flu…Read More →

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20 RNA “Delta” The experimental noise act known as RNA released Between The Mountains and Us on Jan. 1st of 2016. The ruckus release included the stellar single “Delta” which mixes a sludgy sound with high energy guitar antics. 19 Aesthetically Sound “In My Feelings” This mellow R&B track from AestheticallyRead More →

Daniel Morones He’s in the News Again L.A.-based musician Daniel Morones crafts orchestral indie pop. In fact, more than two dozen musicians appear on his latest release, He’s in the News Again. That’s an orchestra, right? The new album opens with “Straight Outta USA”, a short introduction, before the title trackRead More →

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Emby Alexander “In Your Doorstep Bleeding” Treasure Mammal “Missed Connections” Strange Lot “Supremium” Injury Reserve “Yo” Sundressed “Beck and Call”Read More →

Asian Fred “Jonestown Shuffle” Cillie Barnes “Veranda” from SoulPancake Sidewalk Sessions Futuristic “Bedroom Bars Ep. 1” Emby Alexander “Behaves Like Beehives” from La Comuna Rooftop Michelle Blades “Subtropical Suburban” from POPnewsRead More →

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Stefan Pruett “Carefree” Those of us in the Phoenix metro area might recognize Stefan Pruett by another name: Peachcake, a musical endeavor known for its catchy electropop. Pruett made the jump to L.A. and began applying that same skill set to his new project (and his own moniker) to create infectious,Read More →

Stephen Steinbrink “Sand Mandalas” from The Trundle Sessions Future Loves Past “Runners” from The Living Room Sessions Sacred Destinies “Wide Hide” from The Trundle Sessions Gabo Fayuca & Jason DeVore “Shoot It Up” on the Airstream Sessions Emby Alexander “Echo Emby + Sexting My Friends” from TUF (The Underground Foundation)Read More →


Emby Alexander “Sleeping In The Library” Claiming to be the SOUND OF PHOENIX, Emby Alexander (for right now anyway) might just be right. If “Sleeping In The Library” is any indication as to what is to come from their new album Frontispiece, get ready for a percussion-fueled, rollicking good timeRead More →

The Prowling Kind“Melted Together” Calabrese“There Is An Evil Inside” Lost in Atlantis “Hypnotic” Safewerd“Beats” Emby Alexander“Creepers [Kid Cudi Cover]”Read More →

Emby Alexander “Lie Down in the Ocean” Fairy Bones“Duka” Myrlin“Mixaca: Bedroom Eyes” The Wavelengths“Devil Woman” Nate Fredrick“Bon Voyage”Read More →

Emby Alexander “Dressed Undressing” The Holy Coast“Until the End” The Riveras“Purl” Andrew Collberg“Rich” “Rich” – Andrew Collberg from Ryan Glenn on Vimeo. Serene Dominic“Cold Day in December”Read More →