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Whissell “Legs Crossed” Whissell doesn’t really deliver the sound we’d expect from a Nashville act, but we’re digging her pensive brand of power pop. “Legs Crossed” combines bourbon-smooth vocals and radio-ready production that will turn your relational rage into a #GrrrlPower moment. Communication is the best means to a healthy romance andRead More →

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Be Charlotte “One Drop” The Scottish trio known as Be Charlotte crafted this dance pop number with just enough gritty energy to reel you in on that first spin. The layered vocals can move from a too-cool-for-school monotone to ethereal flourishes, all brought to you by Charlotte Brimner; the band’s teenage frontwomanRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Electronic music keeps evolving. And, with more musicians and artists using electronic devices in their music creation process, it seems that the genre will only continue to grow. Now if you know me you know I like my music eclectic so I decided to take a moment andRead More →

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Rachel West “Run Run” Atrel “High to Low” Kady Rain “R.A.D. Moves” Ozonna “Believe it to See it” High Dive Heart “Misfit” Gabrielle Ross “#MCM” Sophia Kameron “Connected”Read More →

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Whether it’s truly known or not, there is a wide-range of electronic music output happening in Arizona. Maybe it’s because the technology and software are easier to obtain than ever or simply because more people are turning to electronic means of creation, but we’re sure to see much more in theRead More →