la gattara 700

When looking for a drag show in the Phoenix metro-area, you won’t be hard-pressed to find at least one event taking place between Tuesday to Saturday in the later evening hours, with most taking place in Melrose District queer bars with distinct pinache. But what of the folks who can’t stay out late or prefer not to frequent bars? In a valley where even some of the “drag brunches” take place at drinking establishments, a peculiar event recurs monthly on the crossroads of Dorsey and University at La Gattarra Cat Lounge & Boutique, simply titled: Drag Bingo + Cats. La Gattarra translates into English from Italian and loosely means: “the crazy cat lady”…Read More →

by Rebecca Rudnyk

Kinky Boots is based on an independent British film, which was inspired by the true story of Steve Pateman who found a niche market in an attempt tried to save his family’s failing shoe business. Although it had a somewhat rocky start, Kinky Boots defied the odds, ultimately winning 6 Tony Awards in 2013, including Best Score (for pop icon Cyndi Lauper, the first female to win an individual Tony in the category) and the top spot, Best Musical. The show closed in April of this year, after more than 2,500 performances on Broadway…Read More →

dale! dem cauldronz 700

On my endless journey of searching Phoenix metro for the truly unsung, I came upon a flyer for the mononymous ¡Dale!. Marketed as an underground QTPOC (Queer Transgendered People Of Color) after-hours party featuring DJs, live performances, and two locally-prolific drag queens, the convincing point for me was the inclusion of headliner Quay Dash: a no-nonsense wordsmith rapper from The Bronx, NYC. ¡Dale! isn’t your run-of-the-mill, mainstream “queer” event. Instead of making it palpable for the lowest common heteronormative denominator, it separates itself by solely and consistently booking queer performers and artists of color. I would later learn from a speech by organizer and DJ La Siento, this would be the last edition of the event in its current form as he announced his move to New York…Read More →

indie EPs

The Hill in Mind Thimble This is one of those albums that got completely overlooked. Even though I was a fan of their self-titled debut, even though I always try to stay apprised on new music, I somehow missed the September release of Thimble. It happens. Even good bands get lost inRead More →