polkadots 700

by Rebecca Rudnyk

Valley Youth Theatre (VYT) began its 30th season with a huge bang, producing a beautiful spectacle with Newsies. Its second show of the season, Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical, is much more understated. That is not to say it is without vibrancy and talent, because it is jammed full of it. But Polkadots is a different type of show…Read More →

by Amy Young Staff Writer – The Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) has no problem getting involved with a Sherlock Holmes mystery. They’ve more than proven their affinity for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional private detective. In recent years, they have entertained audiences with shows like Sherlock Holmes and the AdventureRead More →

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The weather’s warming up and, for Arizonans, that often means hibernation season is almost upon us. But, we at YabYum say NAY to that. Instead, we’re going to start offering you some cool locales to check out until it’s safe to venture outdoors onceRead More →

A lot of new spots popped up on the local scene in 2015, but it’s Valley Bar that has won us over despite its unusually high percentage of intoxicated hipsters. But with drinks like “The Janet Napolotini” and “That’s a Ducey” served in the Rose Room (named for Rose Mofford),Read More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor The Historic Coronado Neighborhood only covers a mere half square mile, but within that small area, in those tiny homes, there’s a lot of music being played. In fact, there are no less than 75 musicians and a dozen bands and solo artists, covering genresRead More →

by Zach Lewis Staff Writer What do you get when you cross a bookstore, with a wine bar, an event space, and a restaurant? You get The Newton in downtown Phoenix. Home to Changing Hands Bookstore, First Draft Book Bar, and the Southern Rail Restaurant, The Newton is a multi-useRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor For those of us in Arizona that experience only two seasons each year (the hot and the less hot), the start of Autumn might not have the traditional signifiers that other folks associate with the season: chilly weather and changing leaves. Instead, we’ll have toRead More →


All photos by Dave Blake of Blues Alley Photo Rhythm Room’s Mona Watkins Steps Down, Gets Fitting Tribute from Local Musicians Since its birth in 1991, The Rhythm Room in downtown Phoenix has been a popular club playing host to a wide variety of blues and other musical groups. In theRead More →

Ever since I caught my first Airstream Sessions installment, I’ve been on the watch for new additions as they become available. Last week, however, my fangrrl status got upgraded when I actually got to go inside The Airstream to personally check out where the musical magic happens. Many of youRead More →

Do zombies tear at your heartstrings? Does the site of blood inflame your passion of desire? If so, you need to catch Monsters, Mutants, And Other Tales Of Love playing at the Space 55 Theatre in Phoenix. Written by Carrie Behrens and directed by Duane Daniels and Greg Lutz, the audienceRead More →