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Dogbreth “Hoarder House” Jessie Davis “Howl at the Moon” The Funny Uncles “Kraft” Shirazee “Different (Dan E Remix)” Steal Away ft. Brooke Ehlert “Flower Shop” GNRA “Be Mine” Achille$ “Cruise”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Dogbreth Second Home There is something a little sad that stirs inside me when I notice that Dogbreth’s Bandcamp page is now tagged “Seattle” instead of “Phoenix”, but I know that our dusty desert will always hold a special place in the hearts of theRead More →

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For many of you, Jalipaz will be a familiar name that holds an enduring (and endearing) place in your heart. For others, you might be asking, “Who or what is a Jalipaz?” Well, for starters, he’s an accomplished sound engineer responsible for recording many of YabYum’s favorite albums and bandsRead More →

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold “Killing Floor” The Americana duo self-described as the “bastard child of rock, alt-country, blues, Appalachia, and bluegrass” has put out a foot-stomping single called “Killing Floor”. This lively number is the first single from their forthcoming album, recorded at Audioconfusion by Jalipaz and the lateRead More →

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(1) “Pyramids” by Burning Palms If you follow our coverage, you know we’re big supporters of Burning Palms out of Tucson. That’s because they make rad music: mysterious, mystical, ruckus. That’s how we like our rocknroll. Enjoy the video for “Pyramids” below and read more about the band in BobRead More →


It all started with a post to Instagram: “Everyday I’m gonna post me wearing a different local bands shirt till I’m out. Warning, I have a bunch.” And with that Jalipaz of the mighty Audioconfusion Creative Recording Space embarked on journey that has lasted well over 3 weeks and doesn’t showRead More →

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Good Friends Great Enemies “Through My Window Pane” This is a stellar band. So good in fact that we’re not totally weirded out that they seem to dress up in their practice space to play. Just a little weirded out. Panama hats and panda masks aside, this is a rad bandRead More →

The Puppy Love Mixtape is the first ever benefit compilation tape from Rubber Brother Records. It premieres new material from Dogbreth, The Wavelengths, and Good Friends Great Enemies paired alongside some older tracks in the label’s discography. Dogbreth’s track “Close With You” is one of their sweeter, mellow tunes withRead More →

Jared & the Mill“Ides of Fall [Live at Last Exit Live]” Dogbreth “Cups and Wrappers” Banana Gun“Light On” Emma Pew of Black Carl & Mickey Pangburn of The Prowling Kind “Dock of the Bay [Cover]” Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls“Dear Liberty”Read More →

Dogbreth “Close With You” The sweet, sentimental indie rock of Dogbreth has secured the band an ardent following. In fact, several friend-fans can be heard on this single, recorded at Audioconfusion, performing with the “Close With You” Choir. For a band who tags with “powerkindness”, the latest released track fromRead More →

Dogbreth is a pop-punk band outta Phoenix known for their positive messages, incredibly fun music, and feel-good attitude. The group is getting ready to celebrate the release of their second full-length album Sentimental Health later this month. The band built anticipation for this album with the release of Cassingle (and lovingRead More →

Fairy Bones “Like Like“ Fairy Bones might have just formed earlier this year but already they’ve amassed a strident following. If you’ve seen them live you should totally understand why. Fairy Bones is fierce and much of that has to do with fiery frontwoman Chelsey Louise. She’s got some powerfulRead More →