by Mark Anderson Senior Editor We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s just no way no cover every album that comes our way. Oh sure, we can and do try, but with an expanded area of coverage and a seemingly exponential growth in the number of bandsRead More →

5 rad title

Katterwaul “15 Forever” Destruction Unit “Salvation” Goldengoat “Just” Willetta “Finale” Citrus Clouds “In Time I Am”Read More →

5 eclectic singles title

Destruction Unit “Slow Death Sounds” Destruction Unit is apparently a pretty popular act not just in the dusty reaches of our desert, but well beyond too. The single “Slow Death Sounds” recently became available online from the band’s 2013 recording Deep Trip. Aggressive and invasive, Destruction Unit does not make post-punkRead More →