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Old Nobodaddy “Gun is Coming” Yesssss. “Gun is Coming” is the stellar single from the New Orleans-based songwriter known as Old Nobodaddy. The track combines a stripped down lyricism with a compelling “swamp gospel” sound that goes straight for the center of your being.  This track comes to us from Nobodaddy’sRead More →

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German Error Message “2017” German Error Message actually comes to us from Nashville, no matter what the name implies. Their haunting single “2017” instantly won me over with its experimental layers of sound, but it was the tempered yet deeply moving vocals of Paul Kintzing that absolutely broke my heart andRead More →

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Jared & The Mill “Keep Me Going”  These hometown boys are back with a new EP, Orme Dugas, and they released this single a while back in prelude to the full release. “Keep Me Going” presents the Western folk rock that first put Jared & The Mill on the national radarRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Electronic music keeps evolving. And, with more musicians and artists using electronic devices in their music creation process, it seems that the genre will only continue to grow. Now if you know me you know I like my music eclectic so I decided to take a moment andRead More →

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Lando Chill “Early in the Morning” The smooth rhymes of Lando Chill have been garnishing a lot of media attention of late. Fans, both new and old, will be excited to learn that the Tucson emcee will be releasing a new album in August titled For Mark, Your Son. Don’tRead More →

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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Things That Aren’t Words Remember the Details The Tucson five-piece known as Things That Aren’t Words released their 5-track debut in April. Remember the Details achieves that compelling combination of sweet and somber with an enchanting musicality and poetic lyrics. “Your Heart is an Ocean” opens the EP, drawingRead More →

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Foreign Language “Oshima” from The Trundle Sessions Stephanie Dormann “Sleepwalking” from Sofar Denver The Hill in Mind “Spider-Shirt” Live from Burns Hall Steff and The Articles “Call you mine” fromT- Town Sessions Ryne Norman “Revival” Live in NashvilleRead More →

Captain Squeegee “Seek” PRO TEENS “Mona” Lara Ruggles “Moon in My Heart” The Ghost Ease “Qwi Mai Yab” Strange Lot “The Horror”Read More →

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Huckleberry Problems Huckleberry lands somewhere toward the Americana side of the indie spectrum with their mild-mannered, desert-infused rocknroll. Their much anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Fine Highway dropped in September. Problems offers listeners eight tracks of Huckleberry gold for fans new and old. The album opens with “Trouble is Real” which reveals the band has subduedRead More →

Harrison Fjord Puspa in Space I’ve just about had it with these kids and their pun-laden names. Thankfully, the upbeat, jazz-infused pop of Harrison Fjord quelled my initial irritation with their catchy future jams. These newcomers on the local scene just released their debut EP, Puspa in Space, this summer toRead More →

Andrew Jackson Jihad “All The Dead Kids / Unicron” Live from Revolver Records Diners “Thinking of You” from The Trundle Sessions Taylor Upsahl “White Lies” from TMI Sessions Of the Painted Choir “Cactus Wren” Live from KJZZ Studios Morning Bear “Despise” from Sofar [Songs from a Room] DenverRead More →

Calexico “Falling from the Sky” Mega Gem “We Got Away” from Wild Baby Records Emilie Clepper & The Coyotes “Dirt and Bone” from Austin360 Sessions The Mission Creeps “Severin” from T-Town Sessions FutureSleep “Circuits” Tiny Desk Concert submission  Read More →