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It was all the way back in June when Jalipaz of Audioconfusion joined us on Radio Phoenix for a YabYum installment of Rise!. He sent over some great tunes for us to share that were recorded at Audioconfusion in Mesa. Complete playlist below. Rise 2014-06-18 by Radio Phoenix on MixcloudRead More →

I didn’t know Dan Somers well but I certainly knew his work. Not just through his own music but also through his work on the production side with a number of great local acts did Dan cross paths with many on our staff over the years. His loss was deeplyRead More →

YabYum’s not really a popularity contest. Most days. Today, however, is the one day of the year we pause to acknowledge how hugely popular some of articles of the past year have been. This year our Reader’s Choice Award goes to Audioconfusion and their very own Jalipaz Nelson. Mark’s articleRead More →

Audioconfusion may just be the best place to record in the Valley, but don’t take my word for it. Now, I must admit, when I first pulled up to the address provided to me for Audioconfusion I thought to myself, “Really? This is where many of the Valley’s best bandsRead More →