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On the evening of a chilly Phoenix Friday on January 11th, I meandered myself to a very early 2019 “large scale” local performance featuring the celebration and album release of Bryan Preston’s vigorous and aurally diverse project, DaDadoh. Along with performances from 2000 Ft. Turtle, Acne Superstar, Room 4, Latosque, and 20 Ft. Neon Jesus, the night which partly rivaled last year’s Crispy Fest featured a full-scale DJ performance in between sets by DeeJay P-Phunk, tacos, live artists, and vendors at the Pueblo Revival…Read More →

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by Mark Anderson – You Can’t Rap Forever, the latest album from local phenom Dadadoh is a punk rawk, hip hop, melodic rock mind-bender and currently presiding as my new favorite release from the Phoenix artist. More radical then Radical (his last release and first full length) and, for thisRead More →

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20 Sundressed “Autopilot” Directed by Cory Davis 19 Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” Directed by Plastic Monsters 18 Confetti Club “Clutches of Emotion” Directed by Justin Humbert 17 Dadadoh “Do It” Directed by Bryan Preston 16 The Brothers Comatose “Black Light Moon” Directed by Colin Blackshear 15 Injury Reserve “All This Money”Read More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – WOLFZiE makes chillwave music. Now, if you’re over 35 and still have no idea what chillwave is, it’s basically electronic pop with a nostalgic, throwback style to the 80s/90s in not only production, but in the sound’s entire presentation as well. (Editors Note: Please understandRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Quincy Davis Remedy Portland’s Quincy Davis combines smooth style with meaningful lyricism for an album you can really sink down into. Remedy kicks off with “All I Know”, establishing a mellow, kick-back feel that persists throughout the release. “Be Brave” is the first single off the albumRead More →

Mega Ran “The East Coast” I always think of Mega Ran as Arizona-born and -bred, but as it turns out  this is just me applying some desert-centric assumptions. Truth is, Mega Ran has Philly roots. This new track from the locally-based emcee goes for a harder sound than expected – considering theRead More →

Mega Ran Feat. RoQy TyRaiD “Mackerel Sky” Dadadoh “Do It” Myrlin “Dave Chappelle” Just Say Jones “I Need More” Young Tre “Salute”Read More →

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DaDadoh, joined by MC/DC, came down to the Reading Room and recorded these fantastic takes of “Not Yet” and “The Weekend.” Special thanks, as always, to Burning Empire Media for helping with our series. What’re still reading this intro for?? Check out the videos below! “Not Yet” “The Weekend”Read More →

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Well there you have it folks, our 2015 Awards are done! Now that this month has flown by and we find ourselves eleven twelfths closer to the end of the year, it’s time to begin our regularly scheduled programming. We’re going for gold this year with new content and features soRead More →

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Dadadoh has had a busy year. A couple of tours, a role in a movie, a little bit of modeling, and an action packed schedule of promotion including everything from radio spots to stand-up comedy. The man is busy. And yet through it all, he manages to maintain the type ofRead More →