Nutter Tut “Songs We Make Nightly” “Songs We Make Nightly” rides light on production to keep the vibe easygoing, but there’s some relaxed summer energy on this single. “Songs We Make Nightly” is the title track to the Nutter Tut’s new EP, SWMN. This number features YoJayhill and Kifa Reque, inRead More →

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The Haymarket Squares “Let’s Start A Riot” Clay Dudash “Three’s a Crowd” River Jones “Pass the Time” Doll Skin “Wring Me Out” PWEST (prod. Jaguarsun) “August 14th”Read More →

Holy Fawn  “Colossus” Holy Fawn is the new musical endeavor brought to you by the makers of Owl & Penny; the mysitical, nature-based, indie folk outfit we know and love. “Colossus” marks the debut of Holy Fawn which takes the otherworldy soundscapes we’ve heard from Ryan Osterman before (see Sownbones)Read More →

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Casa Butthole Records The Casa Butthole Collective is gearing up to launch a record label and they could use some help along the way. This DIY project aims to promote music in the Phoenix-Metro Area which is something we can definitely get behind. Contributors can earn buttons, tshirts, tapes, orRead More →

No Volcano “The Long Game” Harrison Fjord “People I Meet” Clay Dudash “DeAnza” PRO TEENS “Control” Sunshower “Disappear”Read More →

Sweet Ghosts “Wreckage” The Tucson duo known as Sweet Ghosts first captured our attention with their 2014 full-length release, Certain Truths, and now their getting ready to unveil their new recording efforts. We couldn’t be more excited. The first single (set for release on 7″ vinyl on Sept. 4) shows SweetRead More →

Burning Palms “Pyramids” Clay Dudash “Freight” The Thin Bloods “Marty” Captain Baby “Row On” Wight Lhite “Counting Diamonds”Read More →

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Jordan Prather is tired of waiting around. Faced with the prospect of marketing his new electro-pop project, Head Over Heart, in a city without much of an electronic music scene (outside of live DJs) – and the uncertainty, or even futility, of seeking label support – he simply started hisRead More →

Clay Dudash Keep You Company The indie-folk of Tucsonian Clay Dudash scored the musician an early following here at YabYum, right about the first time we heard his single “Pretty Please”. Since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his EP in its entirety. That day came January 20thRead More →

Clay Dudash“Shore for Cranes” Supa Joint“Weed Weed Mothafucka” JJCnV“Red Lights” Lost in Atlantis “Zombie Love” Saddles “Cancer Dance”Read More →

Sun Ghost“People People People” The Thin Bloods“You and You and You” Clay Dudash “Shore for Cranes” Black Carl“Turn Me Out” Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers“Heaven on a Paper Plate”Read More →