7 Super Cool Music Videos featuring Meat Puppets, Sonny Santos and Billie Marten, The Hourglass Cats, Cat Clyde, Celebration Guns, Big Society, + Don Vail…Read More →

koleżanka, Sun System, Willetta, The Edisons, Elna Rae, Black Paw, Soft Deadlines, Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds, and Zodiac Bash

Before the successful release of last year’s Straight Outta Comp, Lumberjerk Records founder Justin Weir already had plans of releasing a second volume. His hope was to feature other bands he hadn’t yet worked with and possibly have twice as many songs on the next compilation, with all the profits continuingRead More →

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Celebration Guns “Great Again” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Lauren Ruth Ward “Sheet Stains” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Diā “Valentine” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Vaarwell “Stay” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Ryan Cassata “Daughter” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Domiciles “Common Language” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –Read More →

DONCAT “LA in ’83” Celebration Guns “(Probably) Worth It)”  Honest Haloway “Let Her Down”  Sleepy Sun “Seaquest”  Josiah and the Bonnevilles “Please” Comptalo “Repent” Pipe-eye “Private Little Holiday”Read More →

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WILD “Hold Us Together” Celebration Guns “The Me That Used To Be” Dead Seem Old “This Mess Won’t Make Itself” Vaarwell “You” Roast Apple “Encore” Trapdoor Social “Never Stop Listening” Hideout “I Got Your Message”Read More →

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20 RNA “Delta” The experimental noise act known as RNA released Between The Mountains and Us on Jan. 1st of 2016. The ruckus release included the stellar single “Delta” which mixes a sludgy sound with high energy guitar antics. 19 Aesthetically Sound “In My Feelings” This mellow R&B track from AestheticallyRead More →

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Celebration Guns joined us down at Radio Phoenix studios for our bi-monthly installment of Rise! They brought along some swell tunes to share. The complete playlist can be found below. Good job on the inclusion of crowd noises, sound editor. Complete Playlist: Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Twin Ponies “Willoughby” SaddlesRead More →

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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Celebration Guns the me that used to be Celebration Guns, the Phoenix ambient indie pop act, released their much anticipated sophmore effort, the me that used to be, last month on limited edition black virgin vinyl. “The Volunteer” opens the EP with an expansive energy that willRead More →

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Treasure Mammal “Cassette” Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Sunset Voodoo “Sweet Release” Blank Waves “All In You” Futuristic x Devon Terrell “Bodied”Read More →


We like bands working together in the harmonious creation of a single release that exposes fans of both to the sound of their contemporary. Sharing, after all, is caring. Celebration Guns & Twin Ponies celebration guns // twin ponies split Celebration Guns opens the four song release with two tracksRead More →

Dogbreth “Close With You” The sweet, sentimental indie rock of Dogbreth has secured the band an ardent following. In fact, several friend-fans can be heard on this single, recorded at Audioconfusion, performing with the “Close With You” Choir. For a band who tags with “powerkindness”, the latest released track fromRead More →