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Holy Fawn “Reykur” Sivan Talmor “Fire” Jared & The Mill “Keep Me Going” Grace Joyner “Dreams” Bryant Vazquez “S.A.D.” Rathbone “Repeat Violence” Whesli “Lost Love” [removed by artist]Read More →

Closing the Distance is a new series in which we expose artists with desert roots who have since moved to other locales. Let’s bring this community a little closer together. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Bryant Eugene Vazquez seems to epitomize the working-class artist archetype. When not writing, performing, andRead More →

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Sun Bones “Ersilia” Grizzly Goat “Only Bring You Hell” MRCH “Validation” Bryant Eugene Vazquez “What’s Paisley? (City Blues)” The Wanda Junes “DFW”Read More →

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Bryant Vazquez Caliber Before Bryant Vazquez took off from Flagstaff for Philadelphia, he spent some time in the studio purging himself of the songs that he’d written in good ol’ AZ. Caliber is one such collection to emerge from this recording time. The self-taught pianist and singer-songwriter locked himself away in Tempe’s Triskele RecordingRead More →

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Ari and Her Banjo The One-Upman Just like the name of the band implies, on The One-Upman you find only Ari and Her Banjo creating the quirky, earthen folk that enchants the listener from the start of “Diana”, the opening track. Ari Elena, singer-songwriter behind Ari and Her Banjo, has aRead More →

The SunPunchers Honey There are so many bands I keep meaning to get out and catch live. The SunPunchers have been on that list for some time which says something because they only started performing together earlier this year. After listening to their first release Honey, I’m absolutely irate withRead More →

Bryant Vazquez – this is your life! Photo by Monica Saaty We love Arizona but we don’t hold to some crazy fervent love like a state-sized version of nationalism. We can accept that our desert home might not be the place for everyone forever. That being said, it is with hopeRead More →

Bryant Vazquez “Dogface” Sloan Dylan“Forty Days” The VeraGroove “Rooftops” Marley B “Rear View Mirror” RPM Orchestra “Sunday Jam”Read More →

Man Hands MisadventuresThe second album from Phoenix’s Man Hands contains all the super cool garage punk you could possibly want. Misadventures opens with the title track: a ruckus good time that set a fast pace and feisty attitude for the whole of the album. The rampage really gets underway byRead More →

Bryant Vazquez ready to record new album Bryant has had our support here at YabYum for sometime and that’s because he’s a musician that deserves it. He’s the consummate artist, committed to song craft. For the past five years, he’s been churning out songs and recording through his own lo-fi,Read More →

The Prowling Kind“Melted Together (Live)” Bryant Vazquez“Comfort” Sophia Duccini“The Way it Seemed” The Mission Creeps“Monster” The Sex“Nobody Knows”Read More →