Capitano “Good Time” Bruiser Queen “Sugar High” New Chums “Come On, Come On” Sugarmen “Push Button Age” Ten Minute Detour “Betty” Satellite Citi “Undead”  Tooth & Nail “Blood Sugar”Read More →

Stinkeye “No Spoon” Bruiser Queen “Have Fun” Vinyl Tigers “Heart for None” Forever Cult “Codeine” Hightower “The Party” OTHERKIN “React” Document “Intermission”Read More →

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Smallpools “Run With Bulls” Soft Deadlines “One Hand Clapping” Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” State Line Syndicate “Borrowed Time” Bruiser Queen “Telepathic Mind” Hello Operator “Vex Money” [NSFW] Cannibal Animal “Grand Theft Manual”Read More →

7 Feisty Singles 00

Fairy Bones “8-Ball” Um, if Fairy Bones could stop voicing all my internals anxieties, that would be great. “8-Ball” does just that but in a rowdy, spiraling, soundstorm that I just can’t seem to get enough of. The band dropped two new singles this month at The Rebel Lounge and nowRead More →