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Once you hear the bluesy rock of Jake Paxton on “Cat’s Meow” you’ll be ready to hear the rest of his 3-track EP, No Chaser. The album was recorded at Tippewitz Studios in Phoenix with Miles Tippett and will be available to the general public later this week. The release show willRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Scott Wolf and I’m an artist. The short answer is I breakdown and present uncomfortable instances in digestible ways. The longer response is more about processing popular culture, provocations and investigating expectations. Sexuality, family dynamics, violence and bad jokes coexistRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer   Mariah is more than first meets the eye. Yes, she’s a harpist who plays at the street fair, at Café Passe, at the Temple of Music and Art. She’s a violinist who plays with Michael Huerta and Jessa Cordova’s band Ex-Cowboy. She’s jammed withRead More →

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. by Mike McQuillian I may be the least adventurous of the writers at YabYum. I guess I’m just a homebody. I’d rather stay home and watch Blade Runner than go to an amazing party. But sometimes… Sometimes I leave the house. I’ll beRead More →