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Stefan Pruett “Carefree” Those of us in the Phoenix metro area might recognize Stefan Pruett by another name: Peachcake, a musical endeavor known for its catchy electropop. Pruett made the jump to L.A. and began applying that same skill set to his new project (and his own moniker) to create infectious,Read More →

Rad Music Videos

Katterwaul “No Free Meals” For more on Katterwaul, check out Tucson Portraits: Brittany Katter of Katterwaul. Book of Shred “Don’t Wait” Kathryn Rose “Consistency” Lenguas Largas “Yard Sale Heart” Lonna Kelley “Something Strange” More rad music videos here…Read More →

Book of Shred “Straight Up” Playboy Manbaby “Choppy Chad” Alex Kidd “The Great Divide” Black Bottom Lighters “Homegrown” Spectra “Something to Replace” For more music videos, head here.Read More →