Laura and the Killed Men title

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The latest release from Laura and the Killed Men is perhaps the album I’m most anticipating this May and there are some serious contenders on that list. The 6-track EP, One Bell, offers a timeless Americana certain to enchant listeners of every age. On One Bell, an earthenRead More →

nicci 05

When life gets the upperhand, it can seem insurmountable to change your position. Billy Sedlmayr did just that. After combatting both drug abuse and prison life, Sedlmayr returned to music this year with Charmed Life; a stunning, salt-of-the-earth storybook. Bob Hanshaw, author of our Tucson Portraits series, describes the album as, “aRead More →

Gabe 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Gabriel Sullivan is a prolific songwriter – he’s written literally hundreds of songs in the last year, posting them to his SoundCloud as part of a challenge he set himself to write one every day. He’s also a prolific collaborator, working with such respected TucsonRead More →

billy 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “You can’t take stuff back, man. You can’t change it.” Billy Sedlmayr is sitting in his tiny midtown apartment, smoking a cigarette. There’s a picture of Rainer hanging on the wall, a poster for a show with Gabe Sullivan, family pictures, a few crosses. “IRead More →

Matt Baquet 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I see everyone taking a more serious, professional approach to things, and I hope that the shit that’s happening for Prom Body does make everyone a little hungrier. Because any of us could have it.” Matt Baquet sips his coffee on the top-floor patio ofRead More →

Andres Parada 06

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Andres Parada is battling his demons in the public sphere. But they aren’t the sad and well-worn demons that have harried musicians since time immemorial – no tawdry addictions stripping him of dignity. No, Parada has created for himself – and created himself for –Read More →

Matt Rolland 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “You’re appropriating me? I’ll take it. I think of myself as a Tucson musician now.” So says Matt Rolland, a founding member, composer, fiddler and manager for the acclaimed acoustic group Run Boy Run. And Tucson is happy to have him. “For a while, IRead More →

Chris Pierce 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I’m totally self-taught,” Chris Pierce explains. “Everything that I know about the instrument, everything that I know theoretically, I’ve either learned from a friend, from a jam, from a song.. or from some book that I got and I worked through myself… I [even] taughtRead More →

Jordan Prather 03

Jordan Prather is tired of waiting around. Faced with the prospect of marketing his new electro-pop project, Head Over Heart, in a city without much of an electronic music scene (outside of live DJs) – and the uncertainty, or even futility, of seeking label support – he simply started hisRead More →

John Melillo 02

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I want to play with everybody, all the time, as much as I can.” This is John Melillo’s musical credo. And in the three short years he’s been here, he’s done just that. You’ll hardly find a group in Tucson that hasn’t been touched somehowRead More →

Laura 500

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “The story of my winding up in Tucson could fill up an entire article,” says Laura Kepner-Adney, and it may well someday. For now, here’s the story in a nutshell: she studied vocal performance at Oberlin Conservatory, and began living in Tucson in 2006 afterRead More →


by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Despite being relatively new on the Tucson scene, Brittany Katter is helping to define its look and style – and her band, Katterwaul, is one of the defining bands of its generation in the city. “I’m definitely way more comfortable as a performer,” she said,Read More →