Wow. Has it been a whole month already? This month didn’t just fly by. It zoomed past in a supersonic jet! In case you missed any of our awards, here’s a breakdown of who got what and what got said!  Boy Wonder Award: Robbie Pfeffer The Dark Horse Award: LaurenRead More →

Ok so we all know a lot of really exquisite albums came out this year, but what qualifies as the best? In YabYum’s case it was determined by a number of factors. What album could we all agree to listen to at any time of day? What album covered more ground musicallyRead More →

The musical pairing of Madeleine Miller and Bret Bender might have been a match made on, well, Facebook, but the results prove it must have been preordained by the cosmos. Just listen to their EP Wait Up if you doubt us. This is actually the group’s second EP. Their firstRead More →

We should begin with a warning. Somehow, completely unintentionally, the “Best New Band Award” has developed a reputation at YabYum as the kiss of death. It seems as soon as we recognize another band as the Best New Band, the group disbands (Soft Drink) or members move internationally (Whisperlights &Read More →

What can one say about Jack Maverik? That he’s the most understated cool guy in the scene? That he has been a fiercely positive push for many of the Valley’s young musicians? That what he lacks as a sound guy is more than made up for by his staggering goodRead More →

Listeners encountering Where Are All the Buffalo? are certain to succumb to the enamoring power of vocalist (and multi-instrumentalist) Kristina Moore. Her lithe voice flies and flitters through vivid aural environments in her project Where Are All the Buffalo? She can alternately sing like a feisty, barrel-chested gypsy woman belting it out for a crowdRead More →

William Reed seems to do it all. From creating the hottest dance nights all throughout the Valley to producing and performing in multiple acts (including Blaque Panther Disco and Traum), teaching music business to hosting his own radio show there seems to be no stopping this guy. His newest recurringRead More →

MAN-CAT oh MAN-CAT, where do we begin? From their lively sound crafted of sampled pop music thrown into a blender, the band then performs these permutations live in a must-see performance piece. MAN-CAT has truly gone above and beyond this year, not just in the realm of sound but also byRead More →

We at YabYum don’t really think the world is going to end… yet. And, hopefully, with the help of a mass-consciousness paradigm-shift, humanity just might pull through. Thankfully, Arizona has The Haymarket Squares to help guide us through this trying time in history. Whether leading the Anti-Arpaio charge, combating erroneous marijuana claimsRead More →

The Love Me Nots have to be one of the coolest bands to ever call Phoenix home. That’s a given. Zero Zero has been on the scene for maybe a minute and a half and they’re already the “next big thing.” Coincidence that both bands are the stylish conceptions ofRead More →

In case you have absolutely no idea, there are A LOT of punk bands in the Valley of the Sun. So what makes JJCnV the best? Well, first off, they rock. Dana wields her guitar and shrieks into her mic like a wild banshee; Pete thrashes his bass and let’sRead More →