Phantom Party formed back in the Spring of 2015 and the three-piece quickly got to work hashing out their debut EP, but it was only over the past year that the band really started to capture the hearts and minds of music listeners around the Valley of the Sun withRead More →

harrison fjord title

In the past year, Harrison Fjord came seemingly out of nowhere to become a staple on the local music scene. They went from coffee shops to playing to a full house at the Crescent Ballroom and engendering a music video that had received nearly sixty thousand views at our lastRead More →

leonardo dicapricorn 00

It was just one year ago that I first heard about a little band called Leonardo DiCapricorn. I’m always game for a clever name, a name I heard scored a booking Robbie Pfeffer of Rubber Brother Records on its merits alone. But would the music live up to the clevernessRead More →

Some bands start by making the bar rounds. Others write an album’s worth of songs and hit the studio first. And there are those that are out the gate at the sound of the gun and just keep running without looking back. That’s Fairy Bones. Just last week the bandRead More →

We should begin with a warning. Somehow, completely unintentionally, the “Best New Band Award” has developed a reputation at YabYum as the kiss of death. It seems as soon as we recognize another band as the Best New Band, the group disbands (Soft Drink) or members move internationally (Whisperlights &Read More →