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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor dent – Josh John, Jeff Taylor, and Bryan Ohkura – are pretty much my new favorite band right now. Take some 90s guitar pop, add some math, throw in some tasteful shoegaze and surf, and garnish with a slice of punk and you can begin to taste the dentRead More →

Bear State “My Baby” The shoegazey bedroom popsters of Bear State are at it again. It was just last July that the Phoenix four-piece shared their new single “Wish You Were Dead” and they’ve returned in August to offer fans another new track. I’m hoping this means there is aRead More →

Bear State “Wish You Were Dead” The lofi bedroom pop of Bear State is perfect for initiating drift-mode in your brain. We first starting following Bear State after the release of their 2014 EP, Hello Alexander, although it was the Strange Feeling cassette tape that first marked the band’s recording efforts in 2013. “Wish YouRead More →

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There is Danger “Youth” There is Danger is definitely a staff favorite here at YabYum. It’s really not surprising once you give the band a listen. The music is orchestral and the lyricism subtle while There is Danger creates a dream-pop transcendentalism that will sweep you away. “Youth” is the first single we’ve heard fromRead More →

The New Classic The New Classic Full disclosure: I tried really really hard not to like this disc from The New Classic. I mean, like, really hard. But, alas, each and every song from beginning to end is freaking catchy as all hell. Make no mistake – this is powerRead More →