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by Carly Schorman – Wayward Sun Casual Stoicism The new LP from Wayward Sun awakens gently, but you astute listeners will begin to note that there seems to be a slight disquiet just beneath the gentle moving aural waves of Casual Stoicism. The dreamy atmosphere that pervades the album has momentsRead More →

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Whether it’s truly known or not, there is a wide-range of electronic music output happening in Arizona. Maybe it’s because the technology and software are easier to obtain than ever or simply because more people are turning to electronic means of creation, but we’re sure to see much more in theRead More →

Instrumental albums can say so much without saying a word. For this special instrumental-only album post, we decided to bring you three very different examples from three different Arizona artists from three different cities. And while it is true that instrumental music sometimes fits perfectly in the background while studyingRead More →

FROGEE Press Play For someone like me, the first time you hear Press Play by Phoenix’s FROGEE, you’re hooked. Dubstep+House+Party Music=Success. Synth, wobble and roll baby! Lot’s of oscillations happening on this album. After opening with two all out rockers, “Can’t Control It” and “Press Play,” FROGEE gets serious with “Slender,”Read More →

Electronic music – from sample-based hiphop to GarageBand compositions, drum-machine dancehall to rhythms written in Reason – is certainly here to stay. This year at YabYum were focusing more on covering all aspects of Arizona music, electronic music being something that we have been somewhat lacking in coverage. So without further ado,Read More →