YabYum Seven: Andrea Zakrzewski

Andrea Zakrzewski 01
Andrea Zakrzewski poses with her piece, “Overwhelming Love”
Who are you and what do you do?

Andrea Zakrzewski: Fine artist who specializes in impressionist floral paintings, I design clothing that features my artwork and I am a freelance Journalist.

How did you get your start?

I have been painting since I was a child with my mother Andrea de Kerpely-Zak. My first teacher was Ted Degrazia who gave me private instruction.

Andrea Zakrzewski 03
“African Daisies Blowing in the Wind”
What inspires you?

My mother Andrea de Kerpely-Zak is well known floral artist and most of my inspiration stems from her. I also love all the impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh. I also like to spread joy with my art and spread positive healing vibes to others.

What do you like about AZ?

My favorite things about Arizona are the amazing views of nature, the sky, mountains, and flowers. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. Arizona is a great place to live because there is such an amazing arts community and we do have culture.

Andrea Zakrzewski 05
“Life is a Gift”
Where can we see you(r) work?

My work is featured at Gallery Andrea located at 7019 E. Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and open Monday -Saturday 11 – 5 PM or online at artandrea.com.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I am happy with everything that God has blessed me with. I will continue to use my skills as an artist and freelance journalist to support the arts. If I could have the opportunity to get our works in some museums and have a segment like Samantha Brown on the Travel channel that would be some extra icing to the cake!

What is your mantra?

Everyday is a Blessing and Celebration of Life…


Andrea Zakrzewski 04
Andrea Zakrzewski 02
“Beautiful Journey”

YabYum Seven: Grimanesa Amoros

Grimanesa Amoros 01
Grimanesa Amoros, photo by Gigi Stoll
Who are you and what do you do?

Grimanesa Amoros: A human being that adores LIFE! An interdisciplinary artist that was born in Lima, Peru, and creates large-scale light based installations.

How did you get your start?

With a lot of determination, passion, and love for what I do.

From a young age my mother put me in art classes after observing how much I was obsessed with drawing and painting maps.

Initially I went to university to study psychology, but three months before I graduated, I decided to leave my university and fly to New York to pursue my dreams and live the bohemian life, Hemmingway style!

Grimanesa Amoros 02
“Breathless”, all photos courtesy of Grimanesa Amoros Studio
What inspires you?

My travels, architecture, being healthy, and appreciating every single day, as time is truly precious.

What do you like about AZ?

The AMAZING LIGHT in the mornings!

Grimanesa Amoros 03
“Golden Waters”
Where can we see you(r) work?

You can find my work on my website 😉

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

The thought of dying has always been far from my thoughts, as I truly never think about it! I live in the present moment, but I would say I’d like to live part of the year in a castle close to the ocean, and hear the constant movement of the waves.

What is your mantra?

Life is a Romance with the Unknown


Grimanesa Amoros 04
Grimanesa Amoros 05
“Pink Lotus”

YabYum Seven: Kaori Takamura

Kaori Takamura 01
“Between Shapes 0517″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, Silkscreen, Stitching, Lasercut, 40″ H x 48” W
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kaori Takamura. I am a visual artist. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan and now I live and work in Carefree, AZ.

I was a graphic designer for many years specializing in branding and packaging design. During my practice, I created many graphic symbols for brands or corporations and this experience heavily influenced what I am doing now.

My work is focused on graphical media painting combined with a hint of hand crafting. I paint on canvas or cut out pieces of wood either by hand or by laser then I stitch them together. I sketch on the computer working on technical drawings prior to painting and I believe that this process is a bit different from how most traditional painters work.

Kaori Takamura 04
Garakuta boxes, mixed media
How did you get your start?

I took a painting class at community college about 15 years ago just to learn the basics of painting since my education was mainly based on the graphic arts.

After I painted my first piece in this traditional oil painting class, I took it home and was suddenly compelled to apply stitching on the painted canvas with my sewing machine and brought it back to class. I felt that stitching could also be a part of my expression just like brush strokes.

Everyone was shocked about what I did but my instructor back then suggested that I take art seriously as my career. So I did and I have never looked back.

What inspires you?

I get inspired by artisans as a metaphor and I am interested in how artisans are influencing our culture by sending messages as a symbols in our everyday lifestyle.

Also, in my artwork I find influences from some of the Japanese graphic designers such as Ikko Tanaka who created Japanese modernism principles in the 80s. I am still a fan of their minimalistic yet bold approach.

Kaori Takamura 02
“Between Shapes0717″, Acrylic on Wood Panel, Laser cut, Silkscreen, Stitching, 45″ H x 43” W
What do you like about AZ?

I like the winter in Arizona. In terms of the art scene, I like the size of Arizona art community.

Where can we see you(r) work?

I am currently showing some of my paintings at Phoenix International Airport Terminal 4 until October 8th 2017. It is a curated group exhibition called Drawn to Pattern.

Locally in Arizona, I am represented by Gebert Contemporary. I am going to have my solo exhibition in February 2018.

Kaori Takamura 03
“Dots0715”, Acrylic on Canvas, Silk Screen, Machine and hand stitching
What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I always feel a slight gap between what I’d like to express through my art ( I guess you would call it “vision”) and what I am actually creating. I think this is because I am still in the process of searching it out and I’m trying to figure out how to achieve it. I believe that this is a dilemma that all artist’s have to go through.

Before I die, it will be wonderful if I can create things that match exactly what I visualize in my mind to my full satisfaction.

What is your mantra?

In terms of my art, my mantra is,

“Stitch-by-stitch I will express the tangled thoughts of our everyday lives.”


For more Kaori Takamura, visit her website.

Kaori Takamura 05
“Between Shapes0717 (Detail)”
Kaori Takamura 06
Untitled, Installation at DC Ranch, Scottsdale AZ

YabYum Seven: Randy Zucker

randy zucker 04
All photos courtesy of Randy Zucker

Who are you and what do you do?

Randy Zucker: I am many people… an artist, a trouble-maker, a nasty woman, an old hippie, a young-at-heart activist, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a smarty-pants, and a beach bum to name just a few of me. What do I do? I paint. There is nothing I don’t love about painting:

First, the Challenges: The challenge of expressing and conveying an emotion or a sense of place or time; the challenge of creating a pleasing composition with just the right colors and textures; the challenge of “capturing” light or wind or other intangible physical and emotional realities that can’t be held, but can only be experienced; and, most challenging of all, the challenge of applying the paint to the canvas or paper so that it matches what is in my head.

Second, the Opportunities: the opportunity to make a social or political statement if I choose; the opportunity to affect and influence my physical or social environment or the environment of others; the opportunity for non-verbal expression when words will not suffice.

Third, the Physical Act itself: an activity that transports me to a “magical place,” one that does not recognize, and is not bound by, form or physical or emotional limitations, While there, I am blissfully unaware of time, space, physical pain, or little nuisances like hunger and tiredness.

Creating an image that speaks wordlessly but powerfully (whether seriously or humorously) to the emotions and intangible realities of the day is always a rewarding experience.

randy zucker 01
“Drag Me Away”

How did you get your start?

Photography. Actually, mediocre photography! In an effort to improve my photographs and my ability to be creative with them, I started doing digital art, manipulating my original photographs to create images in which familiar scenes or objects are altered or detached from their natural function, inviting the viewer to form new personal connections. This practice developed my eye and sense of composition, but I found myself feeling limited by the original photograph. Something was pushing me to pick up a paintbrush and work from a blank canvas to really be able to express my innermost thoughts and emotions. It was highly risky for me because I have no formal training, but it was something I always felt I was supposed to do.

What inspires you?

Everything! Nature, strong emotions, other artists, a beautifully written sentence, textures and patterns, small details detached from their larger setting, new experiences… Or old and familiar things or experience being seen in a different way or from a different angle for the first time. I especially love to capture my first response to something. Even as a photographer, I never waited for the perfect light or moment… I just wanted to capture that initial response, that first “Wow!”

randy zucker 05
“The Golden Hour”

What do you like about AZ?

Diversity. Diversity of people and cultures, Diversity of environments and habitats. The diverse and thriving arts and culture scene. The diverse culinary opportunities. The weather (most of the time). The many entertainment attractions and venues. The opportunities to be outdoors most of the time enjoying hiking and other activities. The sunsets. The rich history and the fact that much of it (not enough of course) is being preserved. The “Old West” charm that still exists in certain areas. Oh, and did I mention the sunsets?

Where can we see you(r) work?

My work is and has been included in many gallery shows throughout the valley (and beyond). I also show work in my home and studio by appointment.

randy zucker 02
“Head Honcho Concho”

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

Although I have traveled extensively, my bucket list continues to grow. But seeing the world is only a small part of what I hope to accomplish. Besides the deep-seated need I have to keep growing and improving in my art, my life is heavily centered on family… specifically creating memories! Sharing experiences with my grandchildren and passing on family traditions are very high on my list!

What is your mantra?

“The journey is the reward.” – Taoist Proverb


randy zucker 03
“On The Lanai”
randy zucker 06
“Windy Day On Oahu”

YabYum Seven: Mignon Gould

mignon gould 01Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Mignon Gould and I am the founder and Agent-in-Chief of TheChicSpy.com, an online style and entertainment publication featuring the works of creatives in fashion, film, and pop culture.

How did you get your start?

Several years ago I worked for The Arizona Republic. I wrote for their weekly style publication called “Yes”, as well as a few of their other magazines. After leaving the newspaper, I went to graduate school in San Francisco, received an MFA in Fashion Journalism with an emphasis in Multimedia Studies. I used my publication as my thesis and decided to launch it into a business.

mignon gould 02
All photos courtesy of Mignon Gould

What inspires you?

I’m so inspired by my family in all that I do. Creatively my mother was inspirational. She is a clarinetist and performed for the Phoenix Symphony. She also enjoyed pottery. She created this amazing chess set when she was 16 and it’s mine now. It’s beautiful and the details on the pieces are amazing.

As a publisher, writer and entrepreneur, I’m also inspired by my 3rd great uncle John James Neimore, who in 1879 founded The California Eagle, one of the first African-American newspapers in California. He was in his teens. I can’t imagine how super focused he had to be to do something so groundbreaking at that age, and in that era.

What do you like about AZ?

I love the arts community and how unpretentious and enriching it is here. After all, we have one of the leading fashion collections in this country at Phoenix Art Museum, and we have one of the most attended art events in the nation with Artlink’s First Friday Art Walk. In the Valley, art is accessible for everyone.

mignon gould 03Where can we see you(r) work?

You can view my work at thechicspy.com and mignongould.com. You can read my featured commentary on fashion and pop culture topics here.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I would like to have helped others achieve their professional goals. I’m currently preparing to launch Chic Spy Studio, a virtual internship program for college students and recent graduates in journalism, fashion, media, marketing, and design. I piloted the program in 2013 with students from around the country including Arizona State University in Tempe, Syracuse University in New York, and Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I originally launched my website to create a portfolio of my written work. I was able to get a job at a newspaper with that portfolio. Now, I want to create a platform that helps others land their dream job.

What is your mantra?

Carpe Diem. I wrote a poem in the 90s, and keep it with me always. It keeps me marching on, knowing no mission is impossible:

Have you ever wanted to create a new version of you
Someone who’d always know what to do
A feeling of strength and power divine
No limits or boundaries to draw the line
Carpe Diem is to seize the day
Become who you want
Make your own way
It’s now or never, I’ve heard some say
Now is the time, to seize the day


mignon gould 04

YabYum Seven: Jeremie Bacpac Franko

bacpac 011.Who are you and what do you do?

“bacpac”— (Jeremie Bacpac Franko). I do “bizarrechitecture”: Art and architectural design of the possible but still fantasized world. My medium is airbrush and aerosol, architectural drafting and photography.

2.How did you get your start?

It all started with a can of KRYLON and a Harmony Rocket guitar.

When I was 14, my cousin needed someone to paint “lace panels”and lettering on his Camaro, so I used my first cans of KRYLON spray paint. I started getting asked to put ART on cars in high school—rat finks, zodiac signs, etc. After school, I painted numbers on demolition derby cars for a local auto body shop where I learned how to prep and paint cars and bikes. Then a biker in my hood told me about the “airbrush” and I bought my first Paasche. I got into the custom bike and car scene pretty quickly with the airbrush and spray guns, and through customizing, I earned my college tuition. I went to Carnegie and got my BA in Industrial Design.

CONTINUATION: At the same time, I had been playing guitar since I was four, and I set up to go to London for the music scene by going for my Masters in Architecture in London. I knew I wanted to move over into a very non-conformist kind of architecture, so by designing scenery and set design, I could blend the design with the spray-painting.

I worked for a number of architects , video directors, and theater planners in London and New York and eventually went to LA and became a scenic artist. So to conclude, it all started with a can of KRYLON and a Harmony Rocket guitar.

bacpac 02
“Living in the Grid”

3.What inspires you?

THE GLOBAL: The INGENUITY OF MAN, and the interface of these creations with Nature: OIL RIGS and the sea; TRAINS and the desert; the pristine design of a twelve-cylinder ROTARY JET ENGINE and the elements; the AIRPLANE BONEYARD and time.

THE LOCAL: Random and beautiful graffiti = letters and colors with a message…the smell of spray paint sends me running in that direction, to witness some lone artist or a crew throwing up a gorgeous piece on a freeway wall.

4.What do you like about AZ?

The fact that very few people are actually FROM Arizona means there is the potential for great diversity in the culture. I have met more people from Wisconsin, Chicago, Mexico and Bosnia than I have met Arizonans.

And, The CANAL SYSTEM. I am completely infatuated with the canal system here; its engineering and the juxtaposition of habitat and the need for water.

bacpac 03
“You’re Fired”

5.Where can we see you(r) work?

As yet I do not maintain a regular website or catalogue for my art and bizarrchitecture.

I have been in a variety of random art shows over the years and my design work was published in trade magazines and my architecture [as] a book; My radio show (I have a rockabilly radio show out of Phoenix Center for the Arts) is on Mixcloud and the photography connected with that program is on the Rockabilly Worldwide Mashup Facebook page.

In the past 2 years:
LUNA CULTURE LAB: “TRUMP CARD”-Artists speak out against Donald Trump

“DRAWING AMBIANCE” [Howard, J., & Marjanovic, I. (2015). RISD Press]
Illustrations for QUICK-THROTTLE (Biker) Magazine; 4 illustrations depicting the WACO Massacre
Whitney Downtown Museum of American Art: “Five Young Architects” (1987)

I am one of the performers in the Arizona Storytellers and I was Featured Poet at the February {9} Gallery “Caffeine Corridor”.

PHOTOGRAPHY: IG: rockabilly_worldwide.
The “Selfie Project” is photography that is staged and shot by entirely by me to advertise my radio show. All the pictures have some element of radio, sound or something to do with electric power or music.
bacpac 05
Chingona Soles 2017 entry

6.What would you like to accomplish before you die?

To bring a FILM PRODUCTION STUDIO on the scale of Hollywood—to South Phoenix.
DO ANYTHING I CAN to grow and support the art scene here in Phoenix.
Get in on the ground level to BUILD A GREAT SOUTH PHOENIX where there are jobs and art and music which supports and enhances the community who built it…
END the prison system (prison radio was a big part of what I did in New York). Start a composting company based in South Phoenix.
Personal: WHEN I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THAT, move back to the UK and paint like George Sheeler, play guitar like Charlie Christian.
7.What is your mantra?
“To thine own self be true.”

“What you think of me is none of my business.”



bacpac 06
“Bus Station”
bacpac 07
“Trump Takes on the Capitol”
bacpac 08
“Trump Takes on the Capitol” (Detail)
bacpac 04
Chingona Soles 2016 entry
bacpac 09
“Between Land and Sea”

YabYum Seven: David Dauncey

david dauncey 03Who are you and what do you do?

David Dauncey: I am an Englishman, I studied ceramics at University, as well as fine art. Eventually I moved into panting full-time and held positions at a couple of Art companies before starting my own business.

I paint de-constructed portraits, full of imperfections, surface quality, doubt, mistakes and love. I know more of myself through the people I paint and each day before I paint with nothing in my pocket, no wedding ring on my hand, no watch in my waistcoat. I enjoy painting to music each day. New gray hairs appear and if only one then that qualifies as change and growth. I try not to look too deeply into the eyes of my influences, but by no means do I exclude them from my lexicon of marks.

Artists are very often Magpie’s stealing glittery little bits from others to line their own burgeoning mindscapes. I love to paint, and at times I love to ignore it and refresh to get my hands dirty in the cactus beds.

How did you get your start?

I was studying to be a mechanic of sorts, but two good friends of mine encouraged me to apply to art school. Obviously they had little faith in my mechanical ways.

david dauncey 04What inspires you?

The walls of foreign countries, music, my peers, those that have come before. I think there is a crop of female artists based in Arizona at this time who can give any state a run for its money. So many inspirations: Kathe Kollwitz, Larry Rivers, Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud, Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Mitchell, Bonnard Soutine, Diego Velasquez, Antonio Tapies, as well as many current artists such as Daniel Segrove, Paul Christina and Razvan Boar.

What do you like about AZ?

I love that my wife is from here, that my children were born here, the cacti (exotic looking, to a kid from middle England), orange blossoms, my friends, the stubborn landscape, adults that ride children’s bikes, the strong Hispanic flavor and food, the mountains of the North.

david dauncey 01Where can we see you(r) work?

I am represented by Costello-Childs Contemporary in Scottsdale, as well as several art consultants, mainly in the Western U.S. You can come ‘round for a visit to my studio and have coffee and discuss what you would like to buy ☺

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

To see my kids do better things then I. To watch them become even more amazing would be priceless, uncountable. To buy a small farm in France, to visit many of the great grounds of European soccer that I have not visited. To master an instrument, to fully speak French and Italian, to still be regarded with a loving eye by my wife, to walk in more fog and more woods, to own a keen axe for wood-chopping.

What is your mantra?

“Everything in moderation” and “Adopt, Adapt, Improve”


david dauncey 02

YabYum Seven: Charmagne Coe

charmagne coe 01Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Charmagne Coe and I am a surrealist. I paint and draw with watercolor, ink and pastel.

How did you get your start?

Growing up, my family was a terra firma of creative, industrious souls, who always encouraged me to pursue my artistic interests. At NAU, I earned a minor in art, then a BA in elementary education. I taught as a public school teacher for nine years and ran a small fiber arts business with my husband for three. In 2008, I began another chapter to follow my artistic roots. While raising my toddlers in Flagstaff, I found myself by their side painting one day, and the feeling was like coming home. I carved a small niche in our utility craft room and continued where I left off in college, exploring painting and drawing in several media. I began showing work in Flagstaff, then later Los Angeles, Phoenix, London and Seattle.

charmagne coe 02
Diviners, 2016

What inspires you?

Everyone, everything, everywhere inspires me. My work moves in the direction of ideas related to connectedness — connectedness people have with one another, with their ancestors, with nature… what connects them to another, and makes them more real/whole. It’s an earthy topic, but it’s also pretty out there. When I create, my work is spontaneous — usually started with a spark of an idea, a word or a color, etc. Then away I go. I’m constantly being puzzled and surprised in the process. In the end, I have a story comprised of many different intricate elements.

charmagne coe 05
The Carrier, 2016

What do you like about AZ?

I grew up in mid-town Phoenix in a house built at the turn of the 20th century, and I believe that formed my affinity for the older haunts and architecture in Phoenix. Arizona has a multicultural population with many rich traditions deeply woven into our culture. I feel fortunate that my life is shaped by this diversity. Also, no matter how many times I travel this state with my family, it’s always intriguing how varied the geography and habitats are here. I read that we have almost all of the biomes represented… that’s really wild to think about.

Where can we see you(r) work?

You can view my work at {9} The Gallery, The Artery and online at charmagnecoe.com.

charmagne coe 03
Locus For One Another, 2016

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I want to continue to use my abilities to serve my family, friends and community. I always want to stretch my skills as an artist, but still remain authentic to creating work out of love and appreciation for life.

What is your mantra?

It’s a line from the song, “Nature Boy”, by Eden Ahbez:

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return.


charmagne coe 06
When the Lines Disappear, I Am not Afraid With You, 2014
charmagne coe 04
The Verse of Flora’s Gate, 2017

YabYum Seven: Danielle Wood

danielle wood 09
All photos courtesy of Danielle Wood.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Danielle Wood, and I am a visual artist. I work predominately in ceramics and enjoy creating installations and individual sculptural forms inspired by nature.

How did you get your start?

The first show I participated in downtown Phoenix was at Made Art Boutique, which was an installation I created as a featured Mantel Artist.

The next show I did was in ARTELPHX at the Clarendon Hotel in Spring 2015. I created a two-room installation with porcelain clay installations attached to the wall with painted insulation foam and industrial strength Velcro. Both rooms were lit by black light with a trail of porcelain shards leading to the second room. I had a wonderful experience as an artist in that event and it was well populated with about 600 people each night throughout the hotel even though it was a rainy weekend.

danielle wood 02
“Baroque Sensibilities”

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at ASU in 2006 and my Master of Fine Arts at New Mexico State University in 2012 in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Ceramics.

danielle wood 06
“Microcosm 1”

What inspires you?

Nature and psychology, specifically social psychology inspires me.

I am also very interested in the symmetry, patterns, repetition, and beauty found in nature. The ocean environment intrigues me because it is a space that has not yet been completely discovered or explored. I am drawn to that environment for its beauty, mystery, intrigue, creative abstract forms, and endless possibility. Due to the space not being fully explored, anything is possible and many of the sculptures I create are inspired by ocean flora abstracted.

danielle wood 05
“Microcosm 2”

What do you like about AZ?

I like that Arizona is a growing art scene and is also growing in regards to its support of the arts with a variety of facets.

It has great opportunities in regards to public art, grant funding, and organizations/events to participate in the arts in Phoenix including Roosevelt Row, Third Fridays, Arizona Commission on the Arts, Curator Engine, and Artlink. As an artist, I feel the scene is supportive, welcoming, and will continue to grow.

danielle wood 04

Where can we see you(r) work?

My work can be seen in the lobby of the Illuminate Apartment Complex on 3rd street and Roosevelt, it received a Baron Purchase award.

I also have work at Tiny Works/Tiny Dances at {9} Gallery in December.

I have work at the ASU Art Museum store as well as in the upcoming fundraiser called Amid the Grid at the Eye Lounge in December.

I’m also on the ASU Ceramic Research Studio Tour in February and my work will be exhibited at Deborah Hodder’s studio in February 2017 with Deborah Hodder and Susan Risi. I am a member of Eye Lounge artist collective and will have a solo show at the Eye Lounge in July 2017.

danielle wood 07

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

My artistic bucket list would be to complete several residencies, be a ceramics professor at a university or college, continue to exhibit locally as well as nationally.

I would like to travel more and Thailand would be at the top of my destination list. It seems like such a beautiful country and it is known for its beaches. The marine life would be very inspiring for my work.

danielle wood 03

What is your mantra?

A mantra that inspires me as an artist was quoted by Chuck Close: “Inspiration is for amateurs…ideas flow out of the working process, out of what you have already done.”

I agree with him in the way that sometimes you don’t feel inspired, but art is like a relationship, as long as the artist is in attendance, the inspiration comes from the working process, which is a wave of energy always in flux.


For more info, check out her website. You can also view her Facebook page.

danielle wood 01

YabYum Seven: Frank Ybarra


Who are you and what do you do?

Frank Ibarra: I am a painter and printmaker, although painting is my main medium.

How did you get your start?

I started out my career as a graphic designer. But I have always spent my spare time painting. In the early ’90’s, I was a member of MARS (Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado). Being a part of this organization taught me a lot about how to exhibit my art and market it.

frank ybarra 02
Roxxie Loves Frida

What inspires you?

My family. My Mexican Heritage. I am a native of Phoenix, so local landmarks and AZ landscapes inspire me.

What do you like about AZ?

The scenery. Our desert way of life. Unique to other parts of the U.S.

frank ybarra 03
Cathedrals of Nature

Where can we see you(r) work?

I have a studio at my home. I am represented at Casa de Artistas in Old Town Scottsdale. Plus I get involved in showing my work in Downtown Phoenix venues. I will be showing with my friends, Joe Ray and Gennaro Garcia at the Found:Re Hotel during Art Detour in March of 2017.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

Good question. I just hope that my art leaves a special memory in the viewers heart. Perhaps one of my paintings reminds them of a fond memory in their lives. When I hear people share this with me, I am humbled and honored that they get the message.

What is your mantra?

I always tell young artists to “Keep on Painting” and don’t give up. It is very important to be passionate about their work and get involved.


frank ybarra 05
West of Camelback Mountain
frank ybarra 04


For more paintings and also examples of Frank’s prints, head to his website.