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The Lions Club S.O.L. The Phoenix band known as The Lions Club offers fans “good old-fashioned American Rock and Roll”, but they definitely add contemporary modes of music-making into the mix for a hearty helping of modern relevance. The band recently released a new full-length album titled S.O.L. which opens withRead More →

About once every week or two, I’ll get a message from one of my friends asking me for a recommendation. “Hey, where’s a good place to go for a first date downtown?” It’s not that I eat out more often than the average Joe. I just generally support local jointsRead More →

 I love the start of a new year. I enjoy the holiday season that precedes it… as hectic and crowded and distorted by our consumer-driven society as it is. I recognize that not all share this enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we decided to share some new year’s resolutions put forth by family, friends,Read More →

There are a lot of local music venues around the Valley but few show the same level of commitment to locals-only as the Ice House Tavern in Phoenix. Not only do they have a no-cover-tunes policy they also house the best jukebox found around town and, yes, it’s locals only as well.Read More →