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Inez McLain (drums/vocals) and Kenny McLain (guitars/vocals), the father-daughter duo behind The ExBats, definitely hit that dynamo status in 2018 by making the feistiest music in the border states…Read More →

Every January we like to acknowledge the albums and artists that defined the preceding year for us, musically speaking. We decided to use our last radio show of 2014 on Radio Phoenix to highlight some of the year’s winners. We invited Anton, our computer genius who helps support our site, onRead More →

Okay, here are our most popular articles for 2014… (1) 5 Mellow Indie Albums Re-Shaping Folk featuring Ari and Her Banjo, Old Hours, Bryant Vazquez, The Radiant Dregs (2) 5 Mellow Indie Albums featuring The Bittersweet Way, Betty Soo, The Nix, Richmond, Moth Mender (3) Tucson Portraits featuring Brittany Katter of KatterwaulRead More →

2014 Awards Recap

Here is the complete list of 2014 Awards!! Miss Congeniality: Andy Warpigs Best Album to Jumpstart Your Existential Crisis: Christmas Island by Andrew Jackson Jihad Best Comeback: Billy Sedlmayr Most Committed Crew: The Trunk Space Hardest Working Musician: Dan Tripp Best Eternal Summer Album: Lawnchair’s EP Best Electronic Album: FreshRead More →

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Fathers Day This band celebrated ten years together in 2014 and marked the occasion with a compilation album featuring several different local acts performing the Fathers Day classic, “Did I Use the Word Divorce?” (more on that here).  The album was fun, but no where near as much fun asRead More →

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(1) “Pyramids” by Burning Palms If you follow our coverage, you know we’re big supporters of Burning Palms out of Tucson. That’s because they make rad music: mysterious, mystical, ruckus. That’s how we like our rocknroll. Enjoy the video for “Pyramids” below and read more about the band in BobRead More →

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Booking shows is my least favorite activity ever. It’s a complete pain in the ass. Bands, and musicians in general, seem to be schedule-impaired and are usually not responsive in a very timely fashion. That can be challenging when you’re striving to maintain a hectic show calendar. The volunteers atRead More →

by Jofrin PezzatiLately, it seems as though my level of cynicism grows daily. I am often quick to outwardly reflect the animosity I feel toward particular mediums. However, the root of my condition is merely an attempt to purge life-force-draining energy rather than breed additional dark matter and chaos. NotRead More →