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The exquisitely crafted indie pop of Asian Fred has taken our staff, if not yet the world, by storm. The Tucson band’s debut EP, Super No. 1, was released in September and quickly became a favorite of our editors before spreading like wildfire through our audio team and radio show hosts…Read More →

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3 New (Local) EPs Definitely Worth Hearing featuring the stellar sounds of Arizona musicians, including Asian Fred, Gene Tripp, + The Edisons | YabYum Music + Arts | arts as means to enlightenmentRead More →

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5 Stellar (and Eclectic) Indie Singles featuring Asian Fred, The Nova Darlings, UPSAHL, Tim Carr, + Appleby | YabYum Music + Arts, your PHX guide to music everywhere…Read More →

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At the end of year, in preface to our Annual Awards, the YabYum Editors like to take a moment and play their favorite tracks from all the Arizona bands and artists that left an impression on them. This is that show, the 2016 Awards preview. No guests. No witty banter.Read More →

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20 RNA “Delta” The experimental noise act known as RNA released Between The Mountains and Us on Jan. 1st of 2016. The ruckus release included the stellar single “Delta” which mixes a sludgy sound with high energy guitar antics. 19 Aesthetically Sound “In My Feelings” This mellow R&B track from AestheticallyRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Asian Fred “Kick Back Your Head” Now, this is a release I’ve been waiting for. When Fred Huang of Of the Painted Choir informed fans he was tossing in the towel and heading back to Tucson, I was heartbroken. Thankfully, it didn’t take Fred longRead More →

Asian Fred “Jonestown Shuffle” Cillie Barnes “Veranda” from SoulPancake Sidewalk Sessions Futuristic “Bedroom Bars Ep. 1” Emby Alexander “Behaves Like Beehives” from La Comuna Rooftop Michelle Blades “Subtropical Suburban” from POPnewsRead More →

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Asian Fred “When I Speak” In the absence of Of the Painted Choir, I’m thrilled to see new tracks emerging from the mindspace of Fred Huang who is now performing under the moniker “Asian Fred”. This new track provides more of the idyllic dreampop I’ve been missing. “When I Speak” is perfectRead More →

by Frank Ippolito “Being named Fred and being Asian are two things I’ve been teased about and sometimes can laugh about,” said Fredrick Huang, multi-instrumentalist for the Of The Painter Choir, and now soloist. Asian Fred is Huang’s new solo project and “Say If You Will” is his single from that effort –Read More →