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By Ashley Naftule – “I sing something into the air — that’s where it starts for me.” Katie Haverly is telling the oldest story in the book: In the beginning was the Word. Nothing, split open into the fullness of life by a vowel, a note, a vibration humming outRead More →

ashley naftule 500

by Amy Young – On September 8, writer and performer Ashley Naftule’s play, Ear, opens at downtown Phoenix’s Space 55. Running through October 2, this show will be the last Space 55 event at their longtime location. The building has been sold, so the ensemble is currently seeking new digs. NaftuleRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor I was indoctinated into the cult of Rocky Horror at an early age. Back when they used to show Rocky Horror Picture show, complete with live performers, down at Valley Art on Mill, my friends and I would have our call-and-response voices ready come midnightRead More →