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by Dale I. Rasmussen – New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap these days. It seems that for every person you know who’s buying new running shoes or a couple of boxes of nicotine gum, there’s a half-dozen more all too happy to explain why, and usually when and how,Read More →

by Dale I. Rasmussen – This week, around the Valley, children will return to their parents’ homes, families with gather around dining room tables, and proclamations will be made about what they’re thankful for this year. Then, over a handful of hours, old resentments, grudges, and disappointments will be removedRead More →

by Amy Young Staff Writer – The Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) has no problem getting involved with a Sherlock Holmes mystery. They’ve more than proven their affinity for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional private detective. In recent years, they have entertained audiences with shows like Sherlock Holmes and the AdventureRead More →

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The weather’s warming up and, for Arizonans, that often means hibernation season is almost upon us. But, we at YabYum say NAY to that. Instead, we’re going to start offering you some cool locales to check out until it’s safe to venture outdoors onceRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor The Arizona Theatre Company kicked off its 50th Season this past weekend with King Charles III. The play centers on the British royal family following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Much to my surprise, King Charles III proved to be my favorite production that I’ve seenRead More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? Ron May, Artistic Director for Stray Cat Theatre, Patron Relationship Manager for Arizona Theatre Company, local actor/director, basic theatre whore. 2. How did you get your start? First grade I was cast as a little Mexican boy in the school ChristmasRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The Arizona Theatre Company is up to their old tricks: presenting award-winning plays that leave theatre attendees pensive and talkative about today’s hot button issues. Disgraced, their most recent incarnation, provides a critical and multi-layered examination of Muslim-American identity in contemporary Western society. Playwright AyadRead More →

Arizona Theatre Company has been part of the Valley’s cultural scene for 48 years now and they’re nearing the completion of yet another season. Fear not, there are still a few chances to sneak in an offering or two from this season’s selections before you’re left waiting for the 2015-16Read More →