aladdin 700

by Rebecca Rudnyk

Disney knows how to do Broadway.

They’ve proven it again and again, arguably most successfully with The Lion King which began its run on the Great White Way in 1997 and is ranked amongst the longest running Broadway shows of all time. Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and most recently Frozen. Disney has proven that animated films built on a foundation of magical and unhappenable-happenings can be adapted for the stage and brought to live audiences. Aladdin proves it yet again…Read More →

Arizona Theatre Company has been part of the Valley’s cultural scene for 48 years now and they’re nearing the completion of yet another season. Fear not, there are still a few chances to sneak in an offering or two from this season’s selections before you’re left waiting for the 2015-16Read More →

Actors Theatre

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Have you been hearing more about the Actors Theatre lately? I know I have and I can see why too. A consistent buzz has been building around the troupe for the past 30 years! Well, almost 30. Starting in 1985, the Actors Theatre of Phoenix certainlyRead More →