The latest release from Serene Dominic offers listeners a slice of modern living from within the framework of thoughtfully constructed indie rock. It tells a singular story, one that we all can relate to, as it carries us through the working week. Opening the 13-track album is “Snoozebar/Days of FutileRead More →

Ladies 01

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor “Vengeance”, the first track off the new Liam and the Ladies album Tour EP, strikes at the heart of the Ladies’ enduring and growing presence as one of the premier ska acts in the Valley. They’re inflicting righteous retribution on those who would dare say “skaRead More →

After another sold-out show at the Crescent Ballroom, Playboy Manbaby fans now can get their hands on the latest cassette and (dare I say?) the best album from the band. Ever. It’s true. Electric Babyman, which was released to expectant fans on Saturday, August 23rd, finds the Manbabies moving beyond those adolescentRead More →

The Thin Bloods Twin Tumors Vol. 2 Just less than a year after we were introduced to Twin Tumors Vol. 1,  The Thin Bloods have unveiled their second volume for waiting fans. Opening the album is the despondent and slightly aggressive but lively number “You’re the Same”, kicking off six grittyRead More →

Hidden Gem

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor This past Saturday night, I left the sanctity and safety of my couch to catch Gregg Myers, aka Peasant Boy Gregg, at the Ice House Tavern. I caught the end of his solo set in Bisbee during the Sidepony Express Music Festival last year which, by theRead More →

Sun Bones 01

By Matt Marn Staff Writer Every song is different. Ask Tucson group Sun Bones, and they will tell you all four members had a big role in writing different parts of the songs on their debut album, Sentinel Peak. “It’s really different from song to song, from person to person,”Read More →

Matt Rolland 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “You’re appropriating me? I’ll take it. I think of myself as a Tucson musician now.” So says Matt Rolland, a founding member, composer, fiddler and manager for the acclaimed acoustic group Run Boy Run. And Tucson is happy to have him. “For a while, IRead More →

Ozark Pappy 01

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Their band page states, “Oh no, not another indie/folk band.” And yes, the world doesn’t need another. Really, it doesn’t. I’m serious. But you know what? The world does need a band like Ozark Pappy. Really, it does. Yes, If Our Boat Begins To Sink hasRead More →

Banana Gun 01

By Matt Marn Staff Writer Kevin Loyd – vocalist, guitarist and banjo extraordinaire for Phoenix rock group Banana Gun, firmly believes songwriting can happen in a variety of different ways. But if you ask Loyd and the rest of the Banana Gun crew, there is only one way for themRead More →

Chris Pierce 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I’m totally self-taught,” Chris Pierce explains. “Everything that I know about the instrument, everything that I know theoretically, I’ve either learned from a friend, from a jam, from a song.. or from some book that I got and I worked through myself… I [even] taughtRead More →

Ryne Norman cover

By Matt Marn Staff Writer For Phoenix guitarist and songwriter Ryne Norman, every new opportunity is a chance for something great. Every new fan, each potential collaboration with another local artist means so much to him, he gives everything he has to each new venture – and to every wordRead More →

Gus Campbell 04

Young guitarist Gus Campbell rocks crowds across Phoenix, shoots live music video by Matt Marn Staff Writer The crowd is packed into Last Exit Live – more so than it has probably been in a long time. Phones and cameras are out – no one wants to forget what’s aboutRead More →