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by Carly Schorman – Mt. Joy “Mt. Joy” In the year(+) since Mt. Joy hit the music scene, they’ve certainly cultivated a fanbase for their buoyant indie sound and have more than 18 million Spotify streams to prove it. The L.A. (by way of Philadelphia) act dropped this s/t singleRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – I’m going to come clean here. While I’ve long been a fan of Fairy Bones as performers, I felt their debut LP, Dramabot, didn’t quite live up to the band’s full potential. Certainly, there are a couple standout singles and some moments that reinforced the idea thatRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – The Exbats I Got the Hots for Charlie Watts This album landed on my desk just in time for the warming Phoenix weather. I’m ready for shorts and pool parties and lofi garage punk that has a carefree go-fuck-yourself-for-interfering-with-my-fun attitude. The ExBats [from Bisbee!] capture thatRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor – Nick and Niki Kizer are The Nix, a terrific band from Phoenix known for their synth-y, dance-worthy pop. But this is where the piece about music ends. In 2014, their son, Theodore, aka The Lion, was born with a terminal illness. He fought hard. The familyRead More →

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This past year was a big one for the resurrgence of psychedelia right here in the Valley. Several bands have taken to the meandering path of progressive rock and created mind-altering soundscapes that entrance their listeners. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of psychedelic rock albums thatRead More →

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In an era of added effects, electronic layers, and more hooks than content, we try to acknowledge one artist every year that pushes to elevate their songcraft. In 2014, that artist was Justin Moody. When Moody’s most recent album – Bargain for a Bad Man’s Love – came out last September, we expectedRead More →

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From the start of The Filthier Things – the November 2014 release from Hasty Escape – fans of Americana know their in for something special. We’ve been waiting for this album ever since the band released their first single “American Cheese” last summer in anticipation for the album in the works.Read More →

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The electro pop duo outta Tucson known as Head Over Heart combines the musical efforts of Jordan Prather and Belinda Peters. These two movers and shakers have pushed their band beyond the confines of the Old Pueblo and into earholes everywhere. That might have something to do with Commerical AppealRead More →

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Revisiting the innovations of previous decades has always been the right of artist, but only by bringing a modern context to those early influences can one really create something memorable. In 2014, we’ve heard plenty of bands that seek to shape their sound from some retro rehashing, but the realRead More →

Every year we see bands come and go, but this year marked a special occasion for the folks over at Banana Gun. The band celebrated their Quinquennial (or 5 year anniversary) with a special EP, I and the Me. The EP marked the band’s second release for the year, provingRead More →

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Hasty Escape “American Cheese” Hasty Escape is definitely high on my list of bands I want to hear more from. That being said, I’ve had “American Cheese” on repeat for several days now and I won’t be stopped! There’s a subtlety to this band’s true force. Hasty Escape has craftedRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Gabe Sullivan, all in black, met me at the Tap Room at Congress and ordered a mezcal (his girlfriend had instructed him not to order any beer, because he was getting a cold). Though he’s lived here all his life, he’s only really come intoRead More →