adam townsend 700

by Mark Anderson

Persistence is the key.

Just ask about that with Tucson singer-songwriter Adam Townsend whose new album, All My Fires, is essentially a decade in the making. Produced by Grammy-nominated Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Langhorne Slim, Benjamin Booker), with both indie-rock and soul overtones, All My Fires caught my ear immediately and is one my favorite Tuscon albums of 2019.Read More →

austin rickert 500

by Mark Anderson – Austin Rickert is a man of many talents. Known affectionately around town as Ricky Smash, aka Ricky Heylee aka Dirty Dallas, et al., he certainly lives up to his many monikers. For years I’ve witnessed Austin play with many bands (often dressed in nothing more thanRead More →

ryan avery 502

by Senior Editors – Ryan Avery is majestic. The oddball vocalist who practically grew up in the Phoenix scene and now runs a weirdo/specialty label, Related Records. Not only is it an avenue for his own musical projects, he’s released a bevy of albums by some awesome Arizona acts includingRead More →

Gabe Kubanda

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Gabe Kubanda is a man of many talents. After earning his chops in a band, he broke out on his own to forge a solo path. And forge it he did. In addition to pursuing his own musical path, Gabe Kubanda has been aRead More →

eamon ford 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Eamon Ford is more than meets the eye. You certainly may have seen him either attending or, even more likely, performing at various venues around the Valley. In T-shirt and cap, the young man has quite an unassuming air. However, as Audile Collective, he is responsibleRead More →

jaime paul lamb 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Jaime Paul Lamb is a music archivist. Not only of his own bands (of which there are many), but of many great lofi/garage/punkrock bands across this fine nation as well. We here at YabYum came across his music a couple years ago and were instantlyRead More →

brandon kellum 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Brandon Kellum is a pretty funny guy. You don’t have to know him personally either. Just follow him or his band, American Standards, on social media and you’ll see what I mean. His band’s music however, is no laughing matter. Nope, no Flight of theRead More →

aaron ponzo feat

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – When I think about it, I must have first met Aaron Ponzo when he was 14 years old. It was during the heydays of Parliament back in 2013 so heck, he could’ve been 13. Jeez. It just makes his accomplishments all the more grand.Read More →

Michael Cornelius 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Michael Cornelius doesn’t need much of an introduction. Having been a founding member and bassist of the influential skatepunk band JFA, he continues his musical legacy with his current project, The Father Figures; playing intricate, post-punk, jazz-inspired chords on the guitar. Their next showRead More →

ann seletos 500

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Ann Seletos is fuckin’ cool. And not cool in like a “cool” way. You know, that too cool for school, disaffected by everything and everyone around them, smoking cigarettes with reckless abandon kind of way. No, she’s cool in a completely other, cooler way. If youRead More →