Sunday at Noon “Like the Last Time” QTY “Dress/Undress” Veseria “Zenobia” Oak House “Cut That Out” MRYGLD “Cool Kids” Late Night Episode “Golden Age” Leland Sundries “Greyhound from Reno”  Read More →

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Stela Cole “You F O” This sassy summer pop single has a hook so catchy, it might eventually be the jumping off point for a new Urban Dictionary definition for U.F.O. But, it’s Stela Cole’s sultry vocals that really sends the track outta the stratosphere. “You F O” is the secondRead More →

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The Sink or Swim “Dopamine” Who couldn’t use a little more dopamine these days? The Sink or Swim write a sort of love letter to that beloved neurotransmitter with a slinky rhythm and a vocal approach that brings me back to those grunge days of youth. The track is dynamic and, forRead More →

5 rowdy singles 000

Nelson Can “Move Forward” The Danish trio known as Nelson Can uses drums, vocals, and bass (no guitar) to create their grungy rock sound and I fucking love it. There’s all sorts of rowdy crammed into Nelson Can and you can hear that energy on their new single, “Move Forward”.Read More →

Fairy Bones “No One Can Suffer Like I Can” All-Night Visitors “Animal Mind” Whispering Wires “No Buddies” The Linecutters “Anxiety” The Dead-On “Lovesick” Zipheads “No 2 Ways About It” Welshly Arms “Legendary”Read More →

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Surma “Hemma” Rock Band for Old Men “Eat Some Snacks & Cry”  Jerusafunk “Respect My Lust” River Jones “Fortunes and Violence” Dreadcat & the Transitional Wave “Captain’s Hat” Happy Rain “Happy Birthday” Rauw Vlees “Dear Human Being”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Fairy Bones “No One Can Suffer Like I Can”  The alt-glam rockers known as Fairy Bones have been causing quite the stir in the Phoenix music scene since their very inception. Maybe that’s because they have a distinctive sound that’s difficult to cram intoRead More →

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The Woodworks “The Doctor Says I’m Fine” Skating Polly “Louder in Space” The Murlocs “Oblivion” Weird Radicals “John Lennon (Headbangin)” Windigo “All Your Thunder” Lane Change “Floodwater” Sleeptalk “Strange Nights”Read More →

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The Dead Zones “Hello Animal” SLOWKISS “Forever Together” Zini “Faison” Exit “Familiar Ground” Noonday Devils “Champion” The Howlin’ Souls “Black Heart” Tangieguar “15 Starter”Read More →

No Volcano “Take My Chances” Citrus Clouds “Shapes and Things” Dead! “Enough Enough Enough” Doesn’t Rhyme With King “Can’t Tell the Difference” Heavy Heart “Fruitfly” The Head “Tea Colored Radio” Lulu Lewis “All Just Pretending”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Welles “Life Like Mine” The Nashville band known as Welles is set to break big so you should check out this single so you can say you knew them when. The band performed at SXSW and they’re on the bill for Bonnaroo, but it mightRead More →

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Fighting Caravans “It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)” Ghost of Jericho “Babylon” BNNY RBBT “Bombs” GRAEF “Boneclocks” A Fugitive “Restless Coincidence” Byrddogs “Moving Trees” nûk “Gray”Read More →