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The Dead Zones “Hello Animal” SLOWKISS “Forever Together” Zini “Faison” Exit “Familiar Ground” Noonday Devils “Champion” The Howlin’ Souls “Black Heart” Tangieguar “15 Starter”Read More →

No Volcano “Take My Chances” Citrus Clouds “Shapes and Things” Dead! “Enough Enough Enough” Doesn’t Rhyme With King “Can’t Tell the Difference” Heavy Heart “Fruitfly” The Head “Tea Colored Radio” Lulu Lewis “All Just Pretending”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Welles “Life Like Mine” The Nashville band known as Welles is set to break big so you should check out this single so you can say you knew them when. The band performed at SXSW and they’re on the bill for Bonnaroo, but it mightRead More →

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Fighting Caravans “It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)” Ghost of Jericho “Babylon” BNNY RBBT “Bombs” GRAEF “Boneclocks” A Fugitive “Restless Coincidence” Byrddogs “Moving Trees” nûk “Gray”Read More →

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KAIS “Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” Jesus on Heroine “Musasabi” The Effecter “Back for a Moment” Greenhouse “Greenhouse” Dog Trainer “Graffiti” Haárps “Open Ground” Fluid Notion “Think We Lost”Read More →

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Fairy Bones “Pink Plastic Cups” Weslynn “Black” The Happy Few “Running on Empty” Jet Black Alley Cat “Golden” Curse of Lono “Pick Up the Pieces” Bat House “Alright, Spaceboy” The Leisure Principle “You’ll Never Know”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Byron Hare “Mary Efalump” This garage rock number combines elements of blues and psych for a gritty sound that will stay with you long after you listen. “Mary Efalump” has the energy of a barroom brawl and a bit of a bad attitude –Read More →

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Wall of Orange “Small Hour Crimes” Nelson Can “Miracle” Lausch “We Might As Well Dance” Troy Crisswell “Hey Hey Highway” La Bête Blooms “Low Hummer” Ruby Empress “Escapism Deluxe” Those Hounds “Song for Miscreants”Read More →


CocoRosie “Smoke ’em Out” CocoRosie is hard at work on a new album, but they unleashed this single in January to combat the cultural malaise that seems to be the marker of 2017. I’ve been a fan of this Paris-based duo ever since La maison de mon rêve came out back inRead More →

Playboy Manbaby “You Can Be A Fascist Too” To mark this heinous election season, hometown heros Playboy Manbaby unleashed this new single, “You Can Be A Fascist Too”, in November. Listeners will find the same feisty, unmanageable energy that first secured the staggering fanbase of angsty youngsters (and not-quite-that-young-sters), but there seemsRead More →