7 Feel Good Music Videos

Raye Zaragoza
“Fight for You”

Quinn DeVeaux
“Left This Town”

Jordan Prince
“Sophomore Year”

“Through Your Fingers”

“Forget This Feeling”

Shaheed and DJ Supreme
“Glorious Day”

Life of Dillon

5 Mellow Morning Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Novo Amor


For our regular readers, you might already be familiar with the haunting music of Novo Amor. Oftentimes, listeners will find Novo Amor’s celestial vocals and gentle orchestrations create emotional complex dreamscapes for wandering minds in need of soothing. “Colorway” proves no different. This latest track comes to us from Novo Amor’s recently released EP, Bathing Beach, so if you dig the single make sure you delve the full release. But you can always start with “Colorway” from Novo Amor below…

Simple Man

“Freedom of Smile”

This genre-blurring quintet from Highland Park (NJ) known as Simple Man (even though there are four of them)  released their s/t debut earlier this year and “Freedom of Smile” comes to us from that EP. The song kicks off with some gentle alt/indie permutations, but as we move through the track, some other elements begin to sneak their way into the sound, up to and including reggae. The EP was produced by Jeremy McDonald at the Brooklyn-based studio Mason Jar Music. I suggest giving “Freedom of Smile” a spin below and then heading here for the complete EP.

Flora Cash


Flora Cash brings our only electropop number to this mix, but one that approaches with the ease of a pleasant dream rather than a club-banger. Unlike all those Cali-based bands who write songs about their homestate, Flora Cash calls Stockholm home and approaches our Western neighbor more as a place of mind rather than a physical locale. According to the artists, the song “describes a longing to be free” no matter the rigors in place to achieve an unencumbered existence. Check out “California” below or head here for the digital download!

Cardinal Harbor

“Altar Ego”

Chicago’s Cardinal Harbor takes elements of prog-, indie-, and alt-rock for a unique musical merging on their mellow new single, “Altar Ego”. The track kicks off with some atmospheric harmonies before tethering the sound through some salt-of-the-earth guitars .The song remains dynamic from start to finish but it does so with total fluidity. “Altar Ego” is the opening track from Cardinal Harbor’s EP, Euclid, which is available for preview and purchase here. But you can start with “Altar Ego” below…

Niko Rose

“Ms. Lady”

Oh, the Rose brothers of Cave Creek. So musically talented, so difficult to tell apart… That’s okay. We love them all. Niko, who may or may not be the youngest (who can say?), dropped this lovely little ditty last month. Short, sweet, and totally enchanting, “Ms. Lady” is one of those songs I can put on repeat to embarrassing ends which feels a little lecherous. But, hey, it’s music. Listen to “Ms. Lady” from Niko Rose below…


7 Rowdy Music Videos to Amp Up Your Weekend

Playboy Manbaby

A Giant Dog
“Sleep When Dead”

Sad Kid
“Bad Boys Sad Sex”

No Parents


“New Heights”

Fame On Fire
“Another One”

5 Rad Rock Singles: From Alt to Indie

rad rock singles 000by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor


“A Change is Gonna Come”

Two Phoenix favorites – Genre and Snailmate – released a split EP back in April with this angsty number thrown into the mix. “A Change is Gonna Come” is a dynamic alt-rock hit in the making and the four feisty tracks on the Snailmate & Genre Split offer up some stiff competition on the stand-out-single front. On the one hand, you have the frantic nerdcore hiphop of Snailmate. And, on the other, the dynamic angst-ridden alt-rock of Genre. Thankfully, you don’t have to make the choice. Head in for Genre and stick around for Snailmate… or vice versa. It’s all good and will serve your spirits well. Check out “A Change is Gonna Come” below or head here to score the complete EP.


“The Only”

The musical duo behind Wildera recount a great tale of predestination. Rusty Redden and Loren Moore both grew up in the same Dallas suburb, but it wasn’t until they sat next to each other on the flight that would take them cross-country to attend the Berklee College of Music. They became bunkmates and, eventually, collaborators. Now reunited in Los Angeles, Redden and Moore release their catchy brand of alt-rock as Wildera. Driving guitars and disinterested vocals give “The Only” a hip feel that could really take hold with modern listeners everywhere. Give the new single from Wildera a spin below or get that digi-download here.

Lenina Crowne


This new single from Lenina Crowne has easygoing indie-rock sound that pairs perfectly with summer. This five-piece from State College [PA] creates a nostalgic atmosphere with the crisp musicianship reminiscent of early indie rockers of the pre-grunge fuzz-free era. “Know” makes me think of pool parties and Otter Pops and creekside hikes that end at a familiar swimming hole. That’s an indie rock sound we could all stand to hear a little more of. Give “Know” from Lenina Crowne a listen below or get the three-track EP from whence it came here.

Spencer Anthony 

“Happy Pills”

Spencer Anthony has a bit some pop-punk festiveness thrown into the alt-rock sound that keeps the energy (and the angst) turned up for “Happy Pills”. One might even go so far to say that Anthony has some emo leanings that come through in his vocals – both in the lyrics and their delivery. “Happy Pills” comes to us from Spencer Anthony’s debut EP, Words To Hide Behind, which dropped in April. Give the single a listen below and then move on to the complete EP here.



How to describe the sound of Vero? Industrial funk? Alt-pop? Whatever it is, the funky get-down sound of Vero has a gritty edge to it that we really dig here. The Swedish 3-piece released their debut single, “Hello”, earlier this month and you’ll be able to hear some 90s-reminiscent permutations in the soundscape on this track that make it particularly catchy. Let Vero say “Hello” to you with their single below…

Radio Phoenix Podcast: LUAU

luau radio phoenixLUAU stopped by the Radio Phoenix studio a few days before their Gone EP album release. We talked the release show, Phoenix music subreddits, and Crescent Ballroom burritos among other hot topics. Plus, the band brought down a ton of great Valley (+ Las Cruces!) bands to play live on the airwaves. Check it out.

Make sure to tune in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM for each live episode of The YabYum Hour, only on radiophoenix.org.

Complete Playlist:

LUAU “Anchor”

Snake! Snake! Snakes! “Washed Out”

Saddles “Tarot”

Huckleberry “Tether”

Sun System “Overblown”

LUAU “Darling”

Celebration Guns “Have it Your Way”

El West “Half to Death”

Fairy Bones “Pink Plastic Cups”

B.O.T.S. “Lil’ Smokey Fangers”

Sorrytown “Let’s Pretend”

LUAU “Keep Talking”


Recorded live on April 5, 2017

7 Rad Rock Music Videos

No Volcano
“Take My Chances”

Citrus Clouds
“Shapes and Things”

“Enough Enough Enough”

Doesn’t Rhyme With King
“Can’t Tell the Difference”

Heavy Heart

The Head
“Tea Colored Radio”

Lulu Lewis
“All Just Pretending”

7 Awesome Alt-Rock Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor


“Life Like Mine”

The Nashville band known as Welles is set to break big so you should check out this single so you can say you knew them when. The band performed at SXSW and they’re on the bill for Bonnaroo, but it might be this single that pushes them into the mainstream. “Life Like Mine” offers a slouchy vibe and sharp musicianship while catchy, Sgt. Pepper-made-modern vocals (provided by Welles’ frontman, Jehsea Wells) seal the deal on this hit-in-the-making. Give “Life Like Mine” a listen below…

 The Edisons

“5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking Tequila (and Why I Started Again)”

Woah, did we almost miss the bus on this release or what? Phoenix 4-piece, The Edisons, released their debut, Space Whales, back in October and we’re just getting to it now. Don’t judge. We’re busy. These feisty alt-rock get downright gritty at moments on “5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking Tequila (and Why I Started Again)”. But The Edisons like to keep their sound dynamic so expect some shifts, not only on this single but on Space Wales as a whole, as you move from start to finish. They are seeking to explore their sound on this first release, not to define it. Make sure you check out this single and, if you dig what you’re hearing, I highly recommend diving into Space Wales


“Forever Together”

This alt-rock quartet from Santiago, Chile now divides their time between has made the jump from South America to Southern California. Honey-sweet vocals over a sludgy sea of shoegazy rock on their single, “Forever Together”, brings me back to my 90s-era youth; a nostalgic time for me of grumpy baristas and Juliana Hatfield. This single is just the first from the band’s forthcoming EP, Ultraviolet. I’ll be keeping watch for that release. And maybe after you give “Forever Together” below, you’ll be a Slowkiss fan too.


“Light Outside”

I can imagine this new single from Absofacto really catching on with alt-rock radio stations across the country. It has just enough of an electro-pop punch to really hit home with contemporary audiences. Of course, once it starts to enjoy that regular radio play, I’ll probably start to hate it, but right now I’m jamming “Lights Outside”. The track premiered with Earmilk back in February and enjoyed some HypeMachine attention early on, but my guess is that we’re just hearing the start of Absofacto. Hop on that fan-train early and give “Lights Outside” a listen below…



The SoCal act known as Hunny puts a sunny pop-punk spin on their alt-rock sound that makes it perfect for warming weather. “Shy” marks the first single from their forthcoming collection. The energy on “Shy” can buoy your spirits in the middle of a rough week so it’s no surprise to us that , even though it only dropped last week, it’s enjoying some serious early attention from listeners. HUNNY plans on setting out for tour with Bad Sun soon so check for dates in your area. But, first, give “Shy” a spin below…

Maude Gun

“On High”

The Brooklyn duo, comprised of Molly Murphy and Jenni Lind, goes in for that raw, emotive sound first popularized by the alt-rockers of the 90s: something gritty and a little aggressive. Maude Gun calls their debut single, “On High”, a “mystic-folk riot grrrl anthem” and that description pretty much hits the head on the nail. There is something simultaneously earthy and otherworldly in Maude Gun’s sound. Give “On High” a listen below…

The Great Dictators


The Danish indie rock trio The Great Dictators combines forceful guitars with hazy vocals to erect a wall of shoegaze sound on their new track, “Blood”. The Great Dictators stomp all over the divide between post-rock and alt-rock; allowing elements from both traditions to seep into their own brand of indie. The effect is a hypnotizing blend of textures and sounds that you can really sink down into. “Blood” comes to us from the band’s new album (due out later this year). I’m definitely interested in hearing more of what The Great Dictators have to offer. Listen to “Blood” for yourself below…


7 Seriously Stellar Music Videos


“So Low”

“Hard to be a Woman”

Jeremy Tuplin
“Where the Light Ends”

Lucia Scansetti
“Basal Flame”

Carmen Rosa
“Give Me Love”

“Follow Me”

7 Rad Indie Rock Singles

rad indie rock singles 00Hollow Coats


There seems to be a holy trinity of musicians that sits at the center of Austin’s Hollow Coats but additional players help flesh out the sound on the band’s new single, “Fold”. And the sound here is fleshy: opulently layered and packing a hefty punch on the production. But, what really sold me on “Fold” were the atmospheric vocals and the haunting beauty of the lyrics they delivered. This is the debut single from Hollow Coats so let’s hope more releases are in the works – and soon! Give “Fold” a spin below…

The Ricky Fitts


This indie/alt act from Phoenix is making some waves in our dry desert. Yes, The Ricky Fitts only launched their sound only last year and they’ve already scored some pretty notable gigs since their inception. That might have something to do with their slick, radio-ready sound. “Nightmare” comes to us from the band’s debut LP, The Great Beyond, which dropped at the end of January. Infusing electropop and alt-rock elements with a hefty splash of revivalist New Wave, The Ricky Fitts craft out a fun sound on “Nightmare” that has enough of a dark overtone for all you brooders that still want to dance. Take the single for a spin below or head here to check out The Great Beyond.

Soft Animal

“Stay with Me”

“Stay with Me” is the opening track from Soft Animal’s concisely titled EP1 which they released last month. This single has a lofi psych-rock sound with a little bit of garage grit that will come in more as you continue through the full EP. The sound descends into moments of intentional disarray before meandering back to a more structured, but never too structured, sound. Check out “Stay with Me” from Soft Animal below or head here for that digi-download of EP1.



I really loved the grrrls of the 90s alt-rock scene and Brixton’s Bryde just might fill that hole in my life. On “Less”, Bryde moves between breathy angst to full on fury over grungy guitars. All you PJ Harvey fans should definitely spend some time with Bryde. If you want to delve further into what this artist has to offer, I suggest moving on to “Back to Believing” – a new, and gentler, single that is really quite enamoring. Get your growl on with Bryde below…


“Cold Clean”

If you like your post-rock with an extra heap of melodious sorrow, Bucolic is for you.  “Cold Clean” sets a somber scene that reminds me of a street lined in freshly fallen snow on a morning you have to be at work before 5 AM. Sure, it’s beautiful, but one’s inability to pause and really take in that moment lends an existential anguish to the biting cold. “Cold Clean” is beautiful, but it kicks you when you’re down… and I, uh, mean that in the best way possible. Bucolic is the brainchild of NJ artist Seth Carpenter and this single is part of an impending release that is due out in April so get on that Bucolic bandwagon sooner rather than later. Start with “Cold Clean” below…

St. Tropez


The band known as St. Tropez is not actually from St. Tropez but Amsterdam. Their lively new single, “Democracy”, clocks in at under two minutes but there’s a lot of energy crammed into that time. The texturing gets heavy, but not in a full-on post-rock way. No, the vibe on “Democracy” stays more NYC scene rock than secret warehouse show. This single opens Debate, band’s 2017 EP, which (btw) does go full-on post-rock at moments. St. Tropez has enough of an experimental edge to keep things really interesting without ever totally abandoning form entirely. And, there’s a bit of a political slant that those of us in present-day Amerika can really appreciate. Give “Democracy” by St. Tropez a listen below…



The alt-rockers from the ATL known as MYFEVER are gearing up for a new recording effort with the release of their latest single, “Golden”. Though the trio calls Georgia home, you might get a bit of a L.A. or Long Beach vibe from “Golden”. And, when I say Long Beach,  I’m talking in the alt-indie vein of Cold War Kids… not Sublime. MYFEVER will hopefully be hitting the studio soon to lay down Born for Spaces, their next album. Until then, spend some time with “Golden”.

7 Earthy Singles from Alt-Folk to Americana

earthy singles 00

Old Nobodaddy

“Gun is Coming”

Yesssss. “Gun is Coming” is the stellar single from the New Orleans-based songwriter known as Old Nobodaddy. The track combines a stripped down lyricism with a compelling “swamp gospel” sound that goes straight for the center of your being.  This track comes to us from Nobodaddy’s forthcoming release, The Pretty Plea’s EP. I’ll definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for the release. You should too. Listen to “Gun is Coming” below…

The Show Ponies


This single is just as pleasantly affectionate as its title implies and arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day for all you lovers of love out there. The Show Ponies, out of Los Angeles, craft their own brand of Americana-tinged indie rock, or “indie-grass”, if you will. Everything about “Sweetly” is amiable and endearing, from the sweet-tempered vocals to the homey folk feel of the instrumentation. “Sweetly” comes to us from the band’s new LP, How It All Goes Down, which came out last month. Listen to the single below, and if you dig what you’re hearing, get your digi-download of the album here.

Anne Hall

“Goin’ Back Home”

This alt-folk single from Anne Hall fuses R&B with bit of American Heartland for an earthy, stripped-down sound I just love. In addition to these elements, Hall adds an easygoing West Coast breeze to “Goin’ Back Home” just to keep things nice and mellow. Or maybe that’s just an unintended consequence of the artist’s Santa Barbara residence. The single comes to us from Hall’s 2016 release, Wonderful, so if you dig the track, make sure you check out the complete LP (available here).

Jake Levine


Jake Levine might be from New Jersey, but he sounds like he could be kicking dust in any Western bar of the Sonoran. The Americana sound heard on “Lovestruck” has a bit of a forlorn hue that is complimented by Levine’s own anguished voice. This song will tear at your heartstrings. Well, I guess, New Jersey as a history of producing artists that just get that Heart of America sound. Give “Lovestruck” a listen below and then head here to check out the album from whence it came.


“Wild Blue”

This Denver-based four-piece indie act has a touch of that Western sensibility rolled into their genial twange. Dearling possesses all the country charm their names implies and you can experience it for yourself on their new single, “Wild Blue”. Lead singer Rachel James’ voice is both airy and earthy; and Dearling’s instrumentation matches her perfectly in balancing this dichotomy. “Wild Blue” comes to us from the band’s 2016 release, Inheritance, which is available here for preview and purchase. But first, give “Wild Blue” a listen below…

Ziegler Co.

“What A Life”

The London-based act known as Ziegler Co. brings us this indie-folk gem from all the way across The Big Pond. “What A Life” has a  carefree feel that will charm you on that very first spin. Unless, of course, you’re just a hateful, bitter person in the very core of your being. This single comes to us from the band’s EP, Soap + Water, just a couple months back. “What A Life” feels like a sunny stroll down a cobbled street just after a light morning rain. Give the single a spin below then head here for to check out the full EP from Ziegler Co.

Luke Hogan

“Who Else”

Now I really don’t say this very often, but Luke Hogan has a touch of Dylan in his voice which is weathered beyond his years… also like Dylan, I suppose. “Who Else” is the closing track to Hogan’s 2016 release, Nomad, which was record at Downtown Rehearsal in Los Angeles where the artist also resides. What might have been just called folk in 1964 is generally shuffled to the Americana side of the line these days, but we like it all the same. Give “Who Else” a listen below…