Burning Palms “Thorns” Burning Palms might be traveling the country on their whirlwind tour, but they didn’t leave behind their desert-based fans without a little token of their affection. A new remix of the track “Thorns” is now available for your (free) downloading pleasure and, I must say, this songRead More →


Brian Lopez “Crossfire Cries” I don’t know what I love more about Brian Lopez: his voice or his musical sensibility. On “Crossfire Cries” you can hear the perfect merging of the two, a promising sign for his forthcoming album, Static Noise, which is set for release in September from Funzalo Records.Read More →


Emby Alexander “Sleeping In The Library” Claiming to be the SOUND OF PHOENIX, Emby Alexander (for right now anyway) might just be right. If “Sleeping In The Library” is any indication as to what is to come from their new album Frontispiece, get ready for a percussion-fueled, rollicking good timeRead More →

by Mike McQullian Dangerous Commercials “How’s the Weather in Chicago?” This acoustic track is the blistering indictment of a lover who has gone. L.V. Leone’s raw punk-tinged vocals provide fire to melt the snow of the Chicago streets. But it isn’t all anger. An underlying sadness is revealed in lyricsRead More →

The Prowling Kind “Babycakes“ The official album release for the latest from The Prowling Kind is set for August 29th at the Crescent Ballroom. Now, I don’t know what this means for everybody else but what it means for me is that I’ll have to wait nearly two whole monthsRead More →

St Ranger Skate Park Drunk // SwoonUm, wow. I totally didn’t expect the awesomeness heard on the latest St Ranger single. Sure, I enjoyed Life Coach, the first LP from the band from last year, but my moderate enjoyment in no way prepared me for the effusion of positivity thatRead More →

Skinny Shamans “Skeleteen” Cheery-sounding sad-bastard music might be my new favorite genre. There’s just something about the sweet and cynical all mixed up together and set to a beat you can bop your head to. That’s what you get with the Skinny Shamans: fun-loving music for your world-weary soul. CheckRead More →

Therapist Desire With members in both Arizona and California, Therapist are already making a name for themselves in both states for their punky, funky, nu-disco sound. With nods to Gossip and the Moving Units, Therapist’s new single “Desire” delivers a solid bass punch, spiked and everything. As any pop hook should, “1,Read More →