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Lenguas Largas  Come On In Tucson’s Lenguas Largas released Come On In through L.A.’s Recess Records back in August. It was the perfect addition to our summer listening and we kept right on at it through the rest of the year. According to the band’s Facebook page, “[Lenguas Largas] hope to oneRead More →

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Whether it’s truly known or not, there is a wide-range of electronic music output happening in Arizona. Maybe it’s because the technology and software are easier to obtain than ever or simply because more people are turning to electronic means of creation, but we’re sure to see much more in theRead More →

I always convince myself there is nothing worse than the Arizona summer. That is, until I’m sitting in the freezing cold on the precipice of a new year and then suddenly I find myself longing for days when I don’t have to wear ten layers of clothing. Thankfully, I have myRead More →

We always seem to find one artist every year that really confronts that lazy, shiftless musician archetype with perspective-changing force. This past year, Dan Tripp (aka Allmond) of Field Tripp fame went above and beyond to earn our award for “Hardest Working Musician”. In addition to releasing THREE EPs withRead More →

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Booking shows is my least favorite activity ever. It’s a complete pain in the ass. Bands, and musicians in general, seem to be schedule-impaired and are usually not responsive in a very timely fashion. That can be challenging when you’re striving to maintain a hectic show calendar. The volunteers atRead More →

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When life gets the upperhand, it can seem insurmountable to change your position. Billy Sedlmayr did just that. After combatting both drug abuse and prison life, Sedlmayr returned to music this year with Charmed Life; a stunning, salt-of-the-earth storybook. Bob Hanshaw, author of our Tucson Portraits series, describes the album as, “aRead More →

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We’re fortunate to live in an area with such a supportive music scene. Musicians usually have good things to say about other bands making the rounds on the local circuit, but few, if any, are as pervasively enthusiastic as Andy Warpigs. In all our dealings with the man, he has neverRead More →