Episode 001: Begin with the End

The Mortician's Daughter begin with endEpsiode 1: Begin with the End

For our very first episode of The Mortician’s Daughter, I offer up a short introduction before diving right in with the stages of death, including algor and rigor mortis. And, of course, we establish the most difficult stage to identify: death itself. Just what does make someone officially dead anyway? Find out on this episode.

The Mortician’s Daughter brings you a monthly meditation on the macabre to help you face your existential crisis head on. From rigor mortis to dark goddesses of the graveyard, we’ll be covering an array of grim and occasionally gruesome topics. All things death are open to exploration.

Special thanks to this month’s sponsor, T and H Financial Coaching! Please remember to support the businesses that support the arts!!

Written by Carly Schorman

Recorded and produced by Garrett Bowers

Artwork by Mark Anderson

Theme Song by Travis James

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