Photo by Eugene Franklin Last year we gave Bryant Vazquez our “Spirit Award” because no one has more heart when it comes to music than this kid. This year he channeled his considerable songwriting talent with diamond-like precision focus to put out more work than some artists manage in aRead More →

We know all the hard work that goes into running a decent blog. Even with daily posts we don’t ever seem to be able to cover all the worthwhile things going on in Arizona. Thankfully, there are some really wonderful blogs operated from our very own desert state. We wantedRead More →

Thai Rivera seems to be one of those names people all over the country are starting to learn but he’s certainly not one to forget his AZ roots. Thai will often be seen performing local comedy clubs despite holding an L.A. address for several years now. Anyway, we’re not givingRead More →

Maybe it’s something about suburbia and small towns… Grow up in one and chances are you’ll find yourself secretly drinking in a parking lot, probably before you’re of legal drinking age. I’m not making this up. Watch SubUrbia or Say Anything. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Somehow, convenience store parking lots become theRead More →

Oftentimes, we’ve heard of someone before we hear their album, especially if that album is really good. Not always, but often. We’re forever running into wonderful people who are quick to say, “Have you heard … yet?” Sometimes we get a great album sent to us by a kid workingRead More →