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On our seventh birthday the YabYum staff mobbed down to Radio Phoenix at the Phoenix Center for the Arts to play some of our favorite tracks and talk some serious shop while, at the same time, goofing off and eating cookies provided by Small Fry Pie. Good times. Check out theRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer Dialing in from Tempe, the rock band Something Like December is bringing home some much needed rock. Not wired in the typical-sounding dial tone either, it’s true alternative music, making SLD a solid contender in the explosive music machine happening in Arizona right now. Their firstRead More →

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by Song River Staff Writer Understanding our path can prove quizzically challenging. This struggle can drive us to either embrace what is happening and take action or do nothing at all. Divided Minds is a band of four friends. A young band by not only by the standards of age yet they are aRead More →

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by Song River Staff Writer We are impractical. We do not listen to those that doubt us.  We push the boundaries. We believe that nothing is impossible. We rewrite the rules. We create.  We are boundless. We are enchanted. We are asleep to the waking world. We are DREAMERS.”- Dreamers With suchRead More →

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Alrighty, folks, this is where we lay it all on the line and each member of staff gets to name their favorite band/album from the preceding year. Awards’ month is a contentious time for us, but everyone came through in the end with their banner held high for their personalRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer & Hay Girl The Hay Girls chat with Gingher Leyendecker of The Hardways. Read the interview here…  Song River: What brought The Hardways together back in 2003? Gingher Leyendecker: I used to play classical guitar and 12 string and took lessons from Kurt Hauser at the TonalRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer The Phoenix local scene holds some truly great jam bands. Mill’s End, when experienced live, brings a powerhouse element to the sounds of a fully engaged jam session. Check out their new EP, The Swann Sessions, and catch them at one of the many venues they willRead More →


The one and only Song River sits down with Brannon Kleinlein to discuss everything ALMF and what’s to come next by Song River Staff Writer Song River: Hey Brannon, thank you so much for taking a few moments out of your busy schedule to speak with me. Brannon Kleinlein: Well, thankRead More →

Song River chats with Yod from the band Fu who recently released their new EP titled, I.  – Song River: First off, I have to ask because no one seems to be sure… pronunciation of “Fu?” Yod: It is pronounced: “PHOO.” SR: Where did the name originate? Yod: It’s aRead More →

Song River of YabYum gets metaphysical in her recent interview with Brandon Decker of decker. The band is currently on tour, but they’ll be back in October just in time for the Apache Lake Music Festival. – Song River: Tales are often better told from the spirit and heart. DoRead More →

Song River of YabYum chats with Brandon Blaise of The Counterfeit Party for The Hay Girls Show! – Song River: It has been a little over a year since The Counterfeit Party formed, correct? Brandon Blaise: Yes, and we’ve been busy writing and recording, as well as adjusting to our currentRead More →

The San Francisco Americana act known as The Brothers Comatose can always be found a pick’n and always a’grinnin. At the center of the band sits the brothers Morrison, but all members have become part of the extended family. Pull up a stool, grab your banjo or guitar and listenRead More →