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Hasty Escape “American Cheese” Hasty Escape is definitely high on my list of bands I want to hear more from. That being said, I’ve had “American Cheese” on repeat for several days now and I won’t be stopped! There’s a subtlety to this band’s true force. Hasty Escape has craftedRead More →

The Foster Family Band “Heavy Now You Know” The first song I ever heard from Perry Allen immediately sealed my fate as a fan for life (see “take my bones to the valley” here) so you can begin to imagine my excitement when I heard he had joined ranks withRead More →

Passage and Ma Bell “Gangster and the Guru” The perfect surprise requires both the thing you never expected and the exact thing you wanted, usually without knowing that you wanted it. “Gangster and the Guru” is my summer’s perfect surprise. I’ve been a fan of Passage (Anticon/Restiform Bodies) since waysRead More →


by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Very Scary “Middle of the Night” Very Scary throws everything it has at “Middle of the Night” and this raucous rocker is a burner to be sure. The roaring guitars, rockabilly beat and a blazing lead guitar at the break keeps the tension throttled through the roof. TheRead More →


Mickey & the Mountains “Fatigue” My bandcrush on Mickey & the Mountains started back with Creepy Martini, their 8-track debut from May of 2013. The latest single from the group, “Fatigue”, was released just last month. Mickey & the Mountains continue to push the experimental aspects of their sound: the dissonanceRead More →


Brian Lopez “Crossfire Cries” I don’t know what I love more about Brian Lopez: his voice or his musical sensibility. On “Crossfire Cries” you can hear the perfect merging of the two, a promising sign for his forthcoming album, Static Noise, which is set for release in September from Funzalo Records.Read More →


by Frank Ippolito, Associate Editor One of my favorite emails I like to receive from the The Dynamic Duo, The Untiring Twosome aka The Yab Yum Editors, is one that includes a bunch of singles to listen to: I mean, the songs perfectly and easily fit into my less-than-attentive attentionRead More →

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Children of God” AJJ just so happens to be one of my favorite bands, like, ever. “Children of God” marks the first single from Christmas Island, the forthcoming album from the band available for pre-sale here. And, as you may notice, the album art was created byRead More →

Mess “Fighter“ I immediately fell in love with the subtlety of Mess, an Arizona musical duo formed by Rachel Ludeman and and Tony Nunes. With their own unique approach to indie rock, Mess hearkens back to 90s grrl rock at moments but with a completely fresh take. Only one trackRead More →

decker. “Cellars“ Some folks might say a giant release show at the Sail Inn is quite a lot of effort to put into the release of a single, but when that track is the famed 9+ minute closer from a band as popular as decker., the celebratory party markings itsRead More →

Local Wizards “Thorns“ Released earlier this month, “Thorns” by Local Wizards sets a mellow backdrop for the shifting of seasons happening all around us. Understated yet intriguing, “Thorns” diverges from earlier recordings and we’re digging the direction. The listener will be haunted by the line – “Do you want toRead More →

Ghetto Cowgirl “Running With Scissors“ “Running with Scissors,” the new single from Ghetto Cowgirl, is straight-up rock with a side of delicious vocals. Reminiscent of the California sound Van Halen made famous, the riffs on the track are smooth and Marc Norman’s vocal performance is terribly catchy (dang you, Marc),Read More →