Radio Phoenix Podcast: Sturdy Ladies

study ladies 00Our regular host, Mark Anderson, came down with a bit of a bug so Senior Editor (and button pusher for the YabYum Music Hour on Radio Phoenix) declared it a Ladies Night with The Sturdy Ladies. Roddy was on-hand to help out and The Sturdy Ladies’ brought some stellar tunes to share. You can find the complete playlist below along with the podcast of our live show.

Complete Playlist:

Sturdy Ladies “Sturdy Ladies Theme”

Whispering Wires “Time Travel Pills”

The Rondelles  “Cafeteria Rock”

Holly and the Italians “Tell That Girl to Shut Up”

The Shaving Party “Sounds”

Bosswitch “Born to Death”

Jumping Bomb Girls “Neptune Married the Treble”

The Real Kids “Do the Boob”

Sturdy Ladies “Cat Olympics”

Krab Legz “Claws Across America”

The Echo Bombs “Mervin Hellville”

Candygirl “Beehive”

The Wilt Family “Death is Unlike You, Baby Bird”

Sturdy Ladies ” Creepy Crawly”

Plus a Special Bonus Surprise Song we can’t reveal here…


Recorded live on January 18, 2017

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra

afrobeat orchestra 01PAO! PAO! PAO! The Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra (well, 5/16ths of the band) joined us down at the Radio Phoenix Studios and now you can hear the podcast. The complete playlist can be found below.

Complete Playlist:

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Come With Us”

Flower Festival “I’m a Waste of Time”

Nanami Ozone “Wet Mouth”

PRO TEENS “Goodnight Moon’d”

Dungeon Destroyah “Fried Tofu”

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Go In Get Out”

Gospel Claws “Walk Me Down”

Jerusafunk “Gateway Movement”

House of Stairs “Silence Won’t You Come Back”

Yojimbo Billions “(Hold On to Your) Passport”


Recorded live on January 4, 2017

Radio Phoenix Podcast: 2016 Awards Preview

2016 awards 01At the end of year, in preface to our Annual Awards, the YabYum Editors like to take a moment and play their favorite tracks from all the Arizona bands and artists that left an impression on them. This is that show, the 2016 Awards preview. No guests. No witty banter. Just kick-ass jams. Enjoy!

PS. Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2016 Awards show at the Trunk Space, it meant a lot!

PSS. That sound is Scott taking pics in the background…

Complete Playlist:

Katterwaul “Follow You Home”

Wyves “Spoils of War”

Fairy Bones “Pink Plastic Cups”

Asian Fred “Kick Back Your Head”

Diners “15 On A Skateboard”

Sonoran Chorus “Cartons of Bottles”

US Depressed “Fault & Pepper Salami”

Phantom Party “Derby Daze”

Foresteater “Very Friendly People”

Aesthetically Sound “In My Feelings”

The Foster Family Band “How Can I?”

Gene Tripp “Here It Comes”

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra “Come With Us”


Recorded live on December 21, 2016

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Travis James

travis james 00Travis James showed up with a crew when he came down to the Radio Phoenix studios. We talked all his current projects, Slope Records, and what’s upcoming for mohawked troubadour. Plus, he brought a ton of great tracks including some that can be heard no where else (for now)! As always, you can check out the complete playlist below.

Complete Playlist:

Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists “Shiny New Toys”

The Linecutters “Education”

Sad Kid “Gas Station Burrito”

The Haymarket Squares “Burn it down”

Monster May I “Goodnight Goodnight”

Couples Fight “Space”

Travis James and the AAA “Eviction Ballad”

Diego Galvan “Life Has Been Empty”

Sarah Amstutz “Empty Plate, Empty Girl”

Rum Drinker “Tropical Contact High”

Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To”

Andy Warpigs “N Bombs and C Bombs”

The Doyenne “G U L L Y”


Recorded live on December 7, 2016

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Red Tank!

red tank 01Red Tank! came down to the Radio Phoenix studios and we had a blast talking up music and bands. We chatted about the wall of noise, new songs, and snowed-out tours. And, of course, they brought along some stellar tracks that we were jazzed to play and, as always, the complete playlist can be found below.

Complete Playlist:

Red Tank! “The Void”

Wolvves “Harriets 1 & 2”

No Age “Teen Creeps”

RIVIVR “Resilient Bastard”

Dogbreth “Cups and Wrappers”

RNA “Between The Mountains And Us”

Lightning Bolt “The Metal East”

RT! “Hummingbirds”

Captain Samurai “Tired”

Drug Church “But Does It Work?”

Mitski “I Will”

Saw Fox “Big Girl”

Sonic Youth “Skip Tracer”

Recorded live on Nov. 16, 2016

red tank 02

Radio Phoenix Podcast: The SunPunchers

sunpunchers 02
Lindsay Cates and Betsy Ganz (l to r), photo courtesy of The SunPunchers

The SunPunchers joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios on a most tremendous of nights. At one point we thought the station might actually combust into flames. OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but it sure was a swell time hanging out with Betsy and Lindsay and listening to the great song selections they picked out. Listen to the podcast and check out the complete playlist below And don’t forget to keep your ears open for that new album from The SunPunchers next year!!

Complete Playlist:

The SunPunchers “The Rug”

Courtney Marie Andrews “How Quickly Your Heart Mends”

Stephen Steinbrink “Absent Mind”

Karima Walker “Hands in Our Names”

The Blood Feud Family Singers “Lonely Night”

Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl “Oh Up Above”

The SunPunchers “Screwtop Head”

Calexico “Crystal Frontier”

Eric Bachmann/Jon Rauhouse “Jojo Blanco”

Radiation City “Juicy”

John Prine/Iris DeMent– “In Spite of Ourselves”

North Brother Island “Jenny Lind”

Nina Simone “Ballad of Hollis Brown”

Recorded live on November 2, 2016

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Citrus Clouds

podcast citrus clouds 02
Citrus Clouds: Erick Pineda, Stacie Huttleston, Angelica Pedrego (l to r)

Earlier this month Maryvale’s own Citrus Clouds joined us in the Radio Phoenix Studios for another edition of Rise. Not only did they bring some tracks off their new record, Imagination, they brought along some stellar picks of artists they enjoy as well. Make sure and head to Valley Bar on Nov. 2 to catch the Imagination Release Party when the music will start at 7:30 PM. More on that event here.

Complete Playlist:

Citrus Clouds “The Sun is in My Eyes”

Fatigo “The Golf Cart Preacher”

Depeche Mode “Strange Love”

The Nix “Diamond Eyes”

Nanami Ozone “Be Cool to Me”

Citrus Clouds “Imagination”

Tierra Firme “Populous 2”

The Echo Bombs “Biter”

Factories “Story Like Yours”

Dadadoh “What I Got”

The Lonesome Wilderness “Wasted”

Ego Tripping “Impression”

Recorded live on October 19, 2016

podcast citrus clouds 02

Radio Phoenix Podcast: The Declaimed

jen holiday 01
Jen Holiday. Photo by Benjamin Lee.

The Declaimed joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios at the Phoenix Center for the Arts at the beginning of the month and now we have to the podcast available for your listening pleasure. They brought along some feisty tracks, all local AZ bands, and dropped some serious knowledge about our thrash punk scene in the state. Believe us, these hoodlums know a thing or two when it comes to music. And, as we come to find out through the course of the show, they’re all big cuddly teddy bears underneath their rough exteriors. Listen to the show and check out the complete playlist below.

Complete Playlist:

The Declaimed “Circles”

Nephilim “Christ”

Sorrower “No Love”

Button Struggler “MK Ultra”

The Father Figures “Falling Down”

Swapmeat “Devil Woman”

Dephinger “Binge”

The Declaimed “I think they make a pill for that”

French Girls “Crazy Yo”

Resinator “Kill Time”

Mooseknuckle Sandwich “Tourettes”

Silent Us “Suicide Bombs”

Phoenix Hooker Cops “War Trophies”

Malignus Youth “Carousel”

The Declaimed “Plans End”

Recorded live on October 5, 2016

Radio Phoenix Podcast: MRCH

01The electro indie pop hop duo known as MRCH joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios back in September for our latest addition of Rise. We talked current projects and traveling to both coasts, Canadian bands, and what’s upcoming (including ever more elaborate light shows). Check the complete playlist below and make sure to catch them on Nov. 1 at Valley Bar!

Complete Playlist:

MRCH “Drift”

Blood Orange “Augustine”

Bogan Via “Can’t Got Back”

Brave Shores “More Like You”

Durand Bernarr “Fly On The Wall”

Christine and the Queens “Tilted”

MRCH “Spin”

Angel Olsen “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Satchmode “Hall & Oates”

Grimes “Flesh without Blood”

A Cloud For Climbing “Dala.”


Recorded live on September 21, 2016

Radio Phoenix Podcast: Krovak

krovak 01

Those zany Krovak punx joined us live in the Radio Phoenix studio at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for a supremely rowdy edition of Rise. Tales were told of breaking windows and breaking bones. Plus, there was a birthday in the house. Check out the show as well the complete playlist below and make sure to catch Krovak at Phoenix Ska Punk Bowling Oct. 8, and opening for Michale Graves on Oct. 28!

Complete Playlist:

Krovak “Wasted Youth”

Rotten Youth “Anti-Everything”

Die Ignorant “Bomb Scare”

My Doll “Deadly Epidemic”

Last Action Zeros “Boys Are Out”

Ernesto Bravo “Circle Pit”

Authority Zero “Revolution”

Krovak “PBR Song”

Michale Graves “Things to Come”

The Linecutters “Black Friday/Pirates of Suburbia”

Law “Know You”

Heavy Breather “Surprise Bag”

YASKY “Heavy Metal Scooter”

Skull Drug “Conflicted”

The Toy Dolls “Nellie The Elephant”

Recorded live on September 7, 2016

PS. There were 9 tally marks on the chalkboard for this show. 9! And who knows, maybe we missed some…