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Skull Drug Hard Times EP Holy shit fuck yes I can get my hands on new Skull Drug. After scraping by on tracks from their ReverbNation page for what seems like ages, I can shoot-up the Hard Times EP straight into the brain basin right now. For real, I’ve been jonesing.Read More →

That feisty punk duo known as Shovel came down to Radio Phoenix to join us live on the air. They brought along some great tracks from other Arizona-based acts. You can see the complete playlist below. Playlist: Shovel “Cramps” The Pork Torta “RIF PAC” Mickey & the Mountains “Freezing Rain”Read More →

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Miss Amy Young from French Girls talks to Father Figure Bobby Lerma Amy Young Contributing Writer Father Figures’ drummer Bobby Lerma has a tendency to leave people in awe. His stick flurry often results in heads shaking and jaws dropping. Be it lightning speed or moving within a slower, melodicRead More →

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JJCnV just so happens to be one of our favorite punk bands. Ever. So we were super excited to learn they had an EP in the works. Leathered, Weathered, and Feathered is due out later this week. April 4th to be exact. I got a sneak peak of the 7-track release andRead More →

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Consumer Demo 2015 The 3-piece punk outfit from Phoenix known as Consumer has some mighty fierce musical prowess to throw your way. Even though Demo 2015 is just that – a demo – there is some serious skill and raw energy on these tracks that make them worthy of your listening time.Read More →

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Lenguas Largas  Come On In Tucson’s Lenguas Largas released Come On In through L.A.’s Recess Records back in August. It was the perfect addition to our summer listening and we kept right on at it through the rest of the year. According to the band’s Facebook page, “[Lenguas Largas] hope to oneRead More →

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The Linecutters Pirates of Suburbia There I was, totally stoked when I came across “#Yolocaust” all those months ago and then the album came out in June and I totally dropped the ball. Pirates of Suburbia proves you can make seriously pro music before you graduate from high school. This album is head-banging,Read More →

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By Meghan Herring Contributing Writer “You guys should’ve came with me to the show I went to last night,” I chuckled. “There was this crazy-cool band that had two saxophone players, and another was this band with just three guys doing, like, a mix of thrash-punk-ska.” “Where did you go?”Read More →


by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Shee-it, Arizona has some friggin’ awesome punk rock. Must be all the oppressive sunshine (or laws) we live under. Whatever it is, many a’local band channels that raw, exposed nerve into hard-hitting, teeth-gnashing punk music. And we’re all the better for it. Here’s what caught myRead More →

The Linecutters “Yolocaust” This three-piece thrash outfit is making waves before the members are old enough to drink to their successes. The Linecutters just released their first single in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, The Pirates of Suburbia. If “Yolocaust” speaks authentically for what’s to come from The Linecutters, their EPRead More →

Last weekend belonged to the uke-punk stylings of Andy Warpigs who released their first LP Folk Punk Yourself at Lost Leaf in Phoenix. I was one of the few and the fortunate to get my hands on an early copy and haven’t been able to take it out of my CDRead More →

The Rebel Set How to Make a Monster! The latest from the Rebel Set celebrated their album release at the Rogue on January 24th. How to Make a Monster! delivers a powerful punch in a garage-grunge, rockabilly style. No surprises here, it’s sorta what defines The Rebel Set sound. ButRead More →