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We’re super excited to host the premiere of Delafaye’s latest single, “West Coast Vibes” from his forthcoming EP, Highlands. Now, I first heard the music of Andrew Shockley (aka Delafaye) with the artist’s 2016 EP, The Hilltop. His somber style and heart-torn voice immediately caught my attention. Since then, I’ve been tryingRead More →

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The NorCal duo known as SUNMONKS are gearing up for the grand unveiling of their first full-length album with a brand-spanking-new music video. “Cannibal Wit” (as a single) creates quite a cinematic soundscape but I wasn’t quite prepared for the stunning accompaniment that the music video provides. One might describe this as aRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – We first featured Nightair last October with their single “Supernova” from the band’s 2015 EP and then again a couple months later for their music video, “Clouds”. This year, the O.C. act is gearing up for a brand-spanking-new EP this summer. And, in prelude to thatRead More →

Baseball Gregg combines the intercontinental talents of Sam (Stockton, CA) and Luca (Sasso Marconi, Bologna). Together, they create the summer-y beach pop that is helping me through these desperately hot, Arizona dog days. All you dream pop aficionados should definitely check out this new video as well as Vacation, the newRead More →

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Phoenix musician Qais Essar fuses modern musical sensibilities to the tradition of classical Afghan instrumentation to create some truly unique sounds in our Western deserts. In anticipation of the release of his new album, Tavern of Ruin, tomorrow night at the Newton, we’re very excited to  debut his latest music video for theRead More →

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Southern psych rockers known as The Lonesome Wilderness dropped their self-titled debut last year around this time and now their ready to release their new music video for the track, “Tropicana”, right here right now. Check out the video and then read our Q&A with The Lonesome Wilderness about theRead More →

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Ambient-acid-indie band HOLY FAWN released their debut EP, Realms, this past December and now they’re ready to debut their music video for “Glóandi” right here, right now. But first, a few words about the video from HOLY FAWN’s Ryan Osterman… YabYum: So, tell me about making the video. Who directed it? WhoRead More →

Steff Koeppen of Steff and the Articles fame is branching out, musically speaking, to explore new modes of creation all on her own. And, now, Koeppen is gearing up to release her first EP later this month titled, Game We Play. When asked how this new solo endeavor differs from herRead More →

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Blanche Beach has its own heavily textured experimental punk sound that is uniquely prepossessed with an almost pop listenability. That fact alone would make Blanche Beach a band I want to check out. Ever since their 2013 self-titled debut, we’ve counted ourselves among the ranks of Blanche Beach fans soRead More →

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Record Store Day 2015 is almost upon us and this year you can look forward to some extra special local music compilations in addition to the usual collectors’ dream of exclusive offerings. Zia Record Exchange is ready to drop their annual Record Store Day comp, You Heard Us Back When,Read More →