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by Carly Schorman – Some people think that Reno is the world’s biggest little city , but that’s a lie. It’s Phoenix and anyone who’s lived here long enough can tell you that. And, for more than a decade now, YabYum has been part of the community fabric that makesRead More →

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by Mark Anderson

Matthew Reveles and Fancy Cloud are back with their new, 2019 album, Split.

Released through Phoenix’s President Gator Records, this is the latest proper album from Reveles/Cloud since 2013’s New Year, New Jacket (also released through President Gator) and the first release for the label this year. Plus, after keeping us barely satiated over the years with singles released through his Soundcloud, it’s great to have an actual full length from Reveles again — something not seen since a decade ago with his stellar We’ll Meet Halfway album…Read More →

Danielle Durack

by Jacob Unterreiner

No matter what type of music you play, standing out as a musician is a difficult task. However, for singer-songwriters, standing out is nearly impossible. The sound of soft, folky strums of acoustic singer-songwriters can be heard at every coffee shop, bookstore, and art gallery in the Valley…Read More →

Pampa Folks “Soulrise” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Esbie Fonte “Ace’s High” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Sigrid “High Five” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Aaron Taos “Venom” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Anja Kotar “Poster Child of California” Facebook – Twitter – InstagramRead More →

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The Unlikely Candidates “Oh My Dear Lord” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Emergency Tiara “Explode” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram The New Electric Sound “The Chills” Facebook– Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Daniella Mason “Nightshapes” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Matt Hylom “Whimsical”  Facebook – Twitter  – Instagram Harts “Ain’tRead More →

Oddnesse “Are You Down” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Aaron Taos “Amazing” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Goody Grace “Two Shots” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Piano Club “Think for Yourself” Facebook – Twitter WOLVES “Animal” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Praa “Do It All Again” Facebook –Read More →

DENNY “Girls Like You” This trio from Minneapolis describes their sound as “Posh boy pop” which, I must admit, had me on the fence. But, gawddam, this song is catchy. It comes in with a wave of orchestral-indie-pop, but the permutations in this track will surprise. The multi-instrumentalists behind DENNYRead More →

St. Vincent “Los Ageless” If St. Vincent hadn’t already established her indie street cred early on, that album with David Byrne really locked it down. The indie-electro artist just released her latest album, MASSEDUCTION, and it ready to head out on tour. She’ll be stopping at The Van Buren in Phoenix onRead More →

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by Carly Schorman – Bogan Via “When You Fall in Love” We’ve been obsessing over the synth-pop of Bogan Via back since waaay back and “When You Fall in Love” helped reaffirm that love. The new single from the L.A. (by way of Phoenix) duo is a breath of freshRead More →

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Belle and Sebastian “We Were Beautiful” YELLE “Romeo” IOLITE “Sapphire” Marble Empire “Omega” Sofya Wang “Boys Aside” Royaume “If We” B00TY “Loosen Up”Read More →

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Stela Cole “You F O” This sassy summer pop single has a hook so catchy, it might eventually be the jumping off point for a new Urban Dictionary definition for U.F.O. But, it’s Stela Cole’s sultry vocals that really sends the track outta the stratosphere. “You F O” is the secondRead More →