kangaroo 500

The folks at Prizefighting Kangaroo look back on 2017: a great year for movies and a terrible year for everything else. Amy and Ashley talk about the best things they’ve seen, the worst things they’ve seen, and also bring up old classics they rediscovered throughout the year. They also spendRead More →

Prizefighting Kangaroo 500

In the premiere episode of the Prizefighting Kangaroo, Ashley and Amy talk about some of the actors and behind-the-scenes folks from the movie industry who shuffled off this mortal coil in 2017. From controversial celebs like Jerry Lewis to great character actors like Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe to TobeRead More →

2016 awards 00

At the end of year, in preface to our Annual Awards, the YabYum Editors like to take a moment and play their favorite tracks from all the Arizona bands and artists that left an impression on them. This is that show, the 2016 Awards preview. No guests. No witty banter.Read More →

radio phoenix 00

The electro indie pop hop duo known as MRCH joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios back in September for our latest addition of Rise. We talked current projects and traveling to both coasts, Canadian bands, and what’s upcoming (including ever more elaborate light shows). Check the complete playlist below andRead More →

krovak 00

Those zany Krovak punx joined us live in the Radio Phoenix studio at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for a supremely rowdy edition of Rise. Tales were told of breaking windows and breaking bones. Plus, there was a birthday in the house. Check out the show as well the completeRead More →

phantom party 00

We’re big fans of Phantom Party so we were excited to spend some time with the band at Radio Phoenix for another installment of Rise! Local music, dank memes, and the band’s anti-vowel stance were topics of discussion. And, as always, the band brought some great tracks from some ofRead More →

nerdzerker 00

At the beginning of August, Nerdzerker joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for some rowdy shenanigans and punk rock listening. OK, maybe the shenanigans weren’t that rowdy, but the music sure was. Check out the complete playlist below and catch up onRead More →

stakes 00

The Stakes joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio back in July for another fresh edition of Rise! They brought along some great tracks and we certainly had fun discussing the new full-length album, the band name as a verb, and, of course, warehouse shows. Take a listen, and checkRead More →

Anthony Fama 00

Anthony Fama of The Redemptions came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts for another installment of Rise! on Radio Phoenix. We talked about cats, music-making, and a whole lot more. Plus, Anthony sent over some great tunes to share — the complete playlist can be found below. Complete Playlist:Read More →

hologram 00

The talented musician who preforms under the moniker I Am Hologram came down to join us in the Radio Phoenix studio for our bi-monthly installment of RISE! We now have that show available in convenient podcast form. The complete playlist can be found below with additional links to all theRead More →

Daryl Scherrer and Marc Oxborrow of The Blood Feud Family Singers joined us live on the air for another installment of Rise! on Radio Phoenix. Good tunes and good times abounded. The podcast can be found here along with the complete playlist (below). Complete Playlist: The Blood Feud Family SingersRead More →