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We’re always looking for new places to find the latest in new music so here are 5 rad music blogs you should definitely check out and perhaps even submit to… Girl Underground Music A group of rad, music-loving lady tigers runs this snappy music blog that regularly offers up newRead More →

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Who are you and what do you do? I’m Jeff Schaer-Moses and I consider myself to be an all-around music person. I am most well known for being a music writer and photographer, as well as a promoter. But I have also worked in public relations and managed bands, producedRead More →

100 Rejections 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – So we’re all making art for art’s sake right? Theoretically… yes. Well, what should you do if you decide to take the leap and try to get your music in front of people who would not otherwise hear it? Recently, I was asked byRead More →

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1. Pigeons and Planes This music discovery site seeks to bring you the best in new music from the big names to the best of locals everywhere. Pigeons and Planes brings you new music (and music news) every day to playlists and curated album collections. pigeonsandplanes.com 2. SoulBounce Just like the taglineRead More →

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Building a solid Public Relations [PR] platform for your band or brand can be tricky. You might be stepping on toes without even realizing they were ever underfoot, but there are easy things to avoid in this age of self-promotion that can help you expand your brand (or band) withoutRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Rejections are rough. I know that personally. I might not be a musician but I am an aspiring novelist so I know the struggle of putting your heart into an art project only to begin the tedious and soul-crushing task of sending it outRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Jason Grishkoff is living our dream. He took his passion for music and turned it into a profitable business model. Not only does Jason manage Indie Shuffle, a popular music blog that compiles playlists introducing its readers to new tracks every day, but he alsoRead More →

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Our new series continues with 8 more publications you should check out and (maybe) submit to. Get your music (or art) out there!! Impose is just one of those magazines you should probably know. Originally started as a print publication, Impose has grown into a daily online zine with its own recordRead More →

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Hey, we’re taking a day off from our regularly scheduled content to remind all of you that it’s hard work to keep up with our daily offerings of Southwest Music and Arts and it’s time we got a little something-something in return. No, we’re not asking for money… just aRead More →

Don’t anger music journalists with some faux pas email act. At this point in our not entirely illustrious career we receive a decent amount of music submissions every week. We try to check out each and every one that comes into us. Well, almost. Occasionally, we’ll just skip right pastRead More →