Mattiel “Count Your Blessings” Mattiel’s s/t debut LP came out through Burger Records in September, but it’s already sold out. Just like the slick 7″ single that first featured “Count Your Blessings” sold out. Basically, you better just follow Mattiel so you don’t miss your window on those vinyl releases.Read More →

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by Carly Schorman – Elna Rae “College Degree” We all had that time when a paper or really important assignment was due, but we just couldn’t gather the gumption to barrel through at the right time. Instead we waited, languishing in procrastination. Maybe you caught up on some Netflix orRead More →

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Veronica Bianqui “Victim” Singer-songwriter (and multi-instrumentalist) Veronica Bianqui offers a promising new voice on the indie scene. Her latest single, “Victim”, is both tribute and affirmation in addressing the loss of her sister to opioid addiction. Facebook– Twitter – Instagram – iTunes PAVVLA “This Is Not A Movie” The lofi,Read More →

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by Carly Schorman – Breakup Shoes “Brian Wilson is My Dad” Consider the bright, beachy sound of Breakup Shoes a warm, indie-pop welcome from ever-Sunny Arizona. “Brian Wilson is My Dad” will brush up against you like a gentle summer breeze. The track was recorded by Jalipaz over at AudioconfusionRead More →

Luxxe “The Right Stuff” This five-piece based-out of Phoenix has an arena-ready indie sound and a fun new music video to boot. Check out “The Right Stuff” from Luxxe below and then score the single here so you can also jam the track in your headphones. Website – Facebook –Read More →

Elephant Fire “Come With Me” Adam Wall is the songwriting force behind the wily indie rock of Elephant Fire. For his recent recording effort, Wall set off on a six-month spiritual journey into the National Parks of North America and that recharging experience is poured into the 60s psych rockRead More →

Ecstatic Union “Illuminator” The L.A. garage rockers known as Ecstatic Union have an easygoing attitude and a brand-new s/t album out through Lolipop Records. You can purchase the new album here or preview additional tracks through Soundcloud first.  The Bittersweet Way “Already Over” The Bittersweet Way released this cool collage videoRead More →

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The National “The Day I Die” Small Leaks Sink Ships “Psychotic Opera” Georgia June “Cool”  Instructions “F.K.B.” Ben Anderson “Lukewarm” Kings of Edelgran “The Gate” James V “Tired of Woman”Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Well, Hell” If you’re a regular reader, then you probably already know I’m quite vocal for the music of Lauren Ruth Ward. And, if you’re not, then you’ve been missing out BIG TIME. The L.A. transplant has a voice that will break your heart, but she hasRead More →

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Even As We Speak “Such a Good Feeling” Even As We Speak is a band from Sydney [Australia] that formed in the 80s, began rising to prominence on the indie scene in the 90s, and then got caught in the wake of a label collapse. But the loss of SarahRead More →

Sunday at Noon “Like the Last Time” QTY “Dress/Undress” Veseria “Zenobia” Oak House “Cut That Out” MRYGLD “Cool Kids” Late Night Episode “Golden Age” Leland Sundries “Greyhound from Reno”  Read More →

Flower Festival “proverbs” The experimental indie act known as Flower Festival released a two-track single earlier this August perfect for that final stretch of hazy heat only those of us in the Sonoran can really understand. Start by stretching out underneath your best ceiling fan on full blast and allowRead More →