5 HipHop Releases featured

Futuristic The Rise Futuristic might arguably be the most prominent Arizona HipHop artist on the scene at the moment. Once you listen to The Rise you might have an idea as to why. The album opens with an homage to another famed AZ resident: “The Greatest” or Muhammed Ali. As theRead More →

house of stairs featured

by Maria Mejia Contributing Writer The jazz-based Phoenix band known as House of Stairs released their debut EP, Step One, on June 10th at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix. Holly Pyle, frontwoman and vocalist for House of Stairs, creates a visionary silhouette on stage with red high heels to match;Read More →

5 hep hiphop videos title

Futuristic “I Be That” C.Young feat Elena Merino “Blue Enigma” Injury Reserve “Whatever Dude” Buxaburn “Rebel’s Delight” Dre Polo “Get Money All Day”Read More →

hiphop feat

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor As some of you may know, I am a fan of the absurd when it comes to my hiphop musical listening pleasure. Unorthodox beats, comedic delivery, and taboo subject matter all score points with me, and creativity is the key. Here are three artists takingRead More →

Mega Ran & The Regiment “Venting”   Anxious Baby “Get What I Came For” Buxaburn “Skeleton Walk feat. Bo’kem Allah” Quique Cruz “The Epitome feat. Buxabom”  Joint Chiefs “Put This Shit On”Read More →

Passage and Ma Bell “Gangster and the Guru” The perfect surprise requires both the thing you never expected and the exact thing you wanted, usually without knowing that you wanted it. “Gangster and the Guru” is my summer’s perfect surprise. I’ve been a fan of Passage (Anticon/Restiform Bodies) since waysRead More →

So Brilliant Permission to Speak You don’t often find the tags “dirty South” and “Tucson” together on the same album. So Brilliant might just be about changing all that. You’ll find your head bobbing along to tracks like “The Way It Goes” and “Melody”, but they’re not afraid to layRead More →

Calculus Man Δ ∞ The strange workings of Calculus Man come to the listener through Δ ∞, an anthology covering the writer/producer’s recording projects over a five-month period. On tracks like “∞Danger Close [Fingernail Biting]” and “_Premonition”, we hear something resembling more of traditional hiphop than we hear on theRead More →