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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Old Star “Out Here Alone” Old Star comes out swinging on their debut single, “Out Here Alone”. Seriously, this indie-folk number will kick you in the heart, but it does so with such beauty that you’ll want to go through the ache all overRead More →

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Old Nobodaddy “Gun is Coming” Yesssss. “Gun is Coming” is the stellar single from the New Orleans-based songwriter known as Old Nobodaddy. The track combines a stripped down lyricism with a compelling “swamp gospel” sound that goes straight for the center of your being.  This track comes to us from Nobodaddy’sRead More →

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Man, this band is good. Sometimes, although not as often as we like, the artistry of an album really takes us aback and leaves us struggling to find the right words to translate that aural experience into something our readers can understand. For me, // by The Foster Family Band wasRead More →

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The Foster Family Band “How Can I?” This single is the opening track from the debut EP by The Foster Family. Now, this is a release that I’ve been waiting for. “How Can I?” offers up a bluesy introduction to the unique sounds of The Foster Family Band; a seven-pieceRead More →

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Canyon City “Fireworks” This dreamy number from Nashville-based indie/folk musician/producer Paul Johnson, who performs under the name Canyon City, will enter your ears and soothe your soul with its gentle musicality and thoughtful lyricism. Intricate guitar work gives “Fireworks” a lavish, melodic sound despite the minimal approach. The single comes to usRead More →

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The Haymarket Squares “Plow These Fields” from Sofar Phoenix Run Boy Run “Who Should Follow Who” Stick and Poke “Weary Traveler” from A Fistful of Vinyl Henry Black “She’s Gone” Chris Frisina “Back Patio” from Sofar RaleighRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Asa Martin Idiots & Lunatics Asa Martin out of ABQ recently released Idiots & Lunatics; an album that will have you questioning exactly which side of that line Martin falls on. This is a great album for repeated plays in the car on your commute. TheRead More →

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Are you the type of person who is always looking for new and exciting things happening in your hometown? Do you like to share these findings with others? Then you should definitely consider joining the YabYum Music & Arts team! We’re looking for a few good folks to cover music ofRead More →

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Pat The Bunny Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything I’m a little obsessed with the folk punk of Pat The Bunny. The solo project of Ramshackle Glory’s singer/guitarist, Pat the Bunny brings introspective meanderings out with the aggressive passions that fostered them. Released last December, Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything offers ten tracks thatRead More →

Yes folks, the time has come for us to put out a call for new staffers. We are currently seeking writers and photographers (or others if you have some skills to share) to join our misfit band of ruffians aimed at pushing Local Arts to the forefront and increasing connectivityRead More →

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Ari and Her Banjo The One-Upman Just like the name of the band implies, on The One-Upman you find only Ari and Her Banjo creating the quirky, earthen folk that enchants the listener from the start of “Diana”, the opening track. Ari Elena, singer-songwriter behind Ari and Her Banjo, has aRead More →

Last weekend belonged to the uke-punk stylings of Andy Warpigs who released their first LP Folk Punk Yourself at Lost Leaf in Phoenix. I was one of the few and the fortunate to get my hands on an early copy and haven’t been able to take it out of my CDRead More →