On this special edition of The YabYum Hour, hosts Anna and Bonnie along with Young Garrett talk with some of the cast + crew of Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula. Austin Campbell, Carly Schorman, Dale Rasmussen, and Mark Anderson talk with the team all about this new science-fiction podcast and also play some rad jams they’ve been into lately…Read More →


My introductory encounter with the Blue Men occurred on my first trip to New York City when I was in high school. The show was unlike anything I had ever encountered. Pervasive, insightful and rather mind-blowing. When I experienced it again, over a decade later, it felt like I was essentially seeing the same show. Everything my memory retained was showcased gloriously, and I delighted in the nostalgia of it. But it didn’t feel like it had evolved. That has changed with the Speechless tour…Read More →

la gattara 700

When looking for a drag show in the Phoenix metro-area, you won’t be hard-pressed to find at least one event taking place between Tuesday to Saturday in the later evening hours, with most taking place in Melrose District queer bars with distinct pinache. But what of the folks who can’t stay out late or prefer not to frequent bars? In a valley where even some of the “drag brunches” take place at drinking establishments, a peculiar event recurs monthly on the crossroads of Dorsey and University at La Gattarra Cat Lounge & Boutique, simply titled: Drag Bingo + Cats. La Gattarra translates into English from Italian and loosely means: “the crazy cat lady”…Read More →

5 Experimental Pop Singles featuring The Doyénne, Yippee!, Beck Pete, Flor de Nopal, + J Lind | YabYum Music + Arts | Music. Arts. Culture. Desert. Zen. Read More →


On this very special edition of It’s Not Our Fault, Tom and Amy play “your parents’ music” or, more specifically, “their” parents’ music. They share some music they first heard through their parental units, how they felt about it then, and how they feel about it now. Stick around for some interesting songs and stories from the INOF crew…Read More →


A blood-stained shirt draped over a chair in the center of a room. Commercials from the nineteen eighties blaring overhead, into your bloodstream, from an intentionally forgotten period of cultural subversion. The mood is set. The show begins. And after a brief moment of overwhelming static and piercing radio waves, Toby Yatso – a megastaple of local Phoenix theatre – is standing on a nearly-bare stage, nearly-bare himself as Patrick Bateman…Read More →

nocturne nebula gag reel

Like any good production, Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula had its fair share of outtakes, bloopers, and gags. Here are our favorites. Also, remember that if you don’t hear a certain cast member, it means they did too good a job! – Music by Devin Morris — 89 Taurus Arranged byRead More →


On this edition of The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix, we have guests Emby Alexander! Hosts Anna, Bonnie, and Garrett chat with the members of the band about their new album, Cactus Candy. Plus, hear the great playlist of tunes that band brought in to play over the air…Read More →

7 Strange + Wondrous Music Videos featuring CocoRosie, Point Lobo, On Man, FOX MEDICINE, Asymptote, LIJO, + geiger von muller | YYM+A | your PHX guide to music everywhereRead More →