“Where’s all the dudes?” is the question that you find in the “About” section on The Bro Show’s Facebook page.

On a surface level, one thinks it would be ridiculous to ask such an obvious question. However, if you are familiar with Phoenix’s comedy scene, those “dudes” you see having a ball onstage are comedians Courtney Walhstrom (C-Dog) and Dana Whissen (Angus), creators/producers of The Bro Show, an all-women stand-up/sketch comedy show as a vehicle to expand their comedic writing as well as poke fun at male stereotypes…Read More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? Leslie Barton. I love performing stand up comedy at various local open mics and out of town shows, when I can get them. 2. How did you get your start? In 2009, at an open mic in a wig shop downtownRead More →

lead singer 00

brought to you by Frank Ippolito and Sam Lowy (neither of whom is a lead singer) 1. I need more of me in monitor and less of everyone else. 2. It’s so awesome everyone came out to see me tonight. 3. It’s sad my band didn’t sell more tickets. 4. Can’t waitRead More →